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Rationalising Harry Potter- to some extent
Basically the Muggles came from the Middle Earth, actual Middle Earth with Gondor and Sauron and the Four Ages, that fourth one being the last.  Middle Earth itself was torn apart with the return of Morgoth, who was an acolyte of Nyarlethotep. Eru Iluvatar is actually an Outer God and his realm was once a part of the Dreamlands which he took for himself and bordered off, snatching hominids from Earth in order to create Elves and so on- though the cthonians still gnaw at the roots of this world as they do at ours, Eru's border is more porous than first thought. 
Morgoth first met Nyarlethotep whilst exploring the void outside of Eru's realm.  The Black Pharaoh was examining the newly arrived minnow at the time but didn't consider direct intervention worth its time, fortunate Eru was allowing parts of itself to wander freely... hence why Morgoth went on to have his own plans and desires, corrupted by his new master.
Anyway Dwarves and Men end up back in our world as the El
:icontodyo1798:Todyo1798 6 1
Skyrim Third Civil War Option- The Free Holds
Expanding on an idea I had yesterday about modding a "Free Territory" around Whiterun, essentially just adding a bunch of radicalism to Skyrim and an actually good option for the Civil War.
The focus of the idea, Whiterun is the only neutral hold of Skyrim at game start, refusing to align with either the Imperials or the Stormcloaks until the Civil War quest line forces Jarl Balgruff to side with the Empire.
Whiterun at the game start should be a Hold which is on the edge of following the rest of the province into chaos. Balgruff's lack of decisive action in regards to his allegiance is causing confusion and unrest across his realm. As these lands cut off the most direct route between Solitude- the seat of the High King of Skyrim and command centre of the Imperial Legion, and Windhelm- the home of Ulfric Stormcloak, the Nord nationalist and claimant to the Highkingship, there has been skirmishing along Balgruff's borders and division within them to boot, as evidenced by
:icontodyo1798:Todyo1798 5 5
Eldritch New England by Todyo1798 Eldritch New England :icontodyo1798:Todyo1798 17 0


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So I just watched this video and the YouTuber throws out a suggestion at the end that a strategy game where the objective is to avoid a Second World War at the end of the Great War.

This is all spit balling so I've no idea how possible or desirable any of this could be- but I'm picturing a long-term Papers Please like bureaucracy-em-up where the player must negotiate and compromise whilst traversing a wide array of ever changing objectives and obstacles in order to stop the world from collapsing into chaos and destruction once more.

The game could be set in a parallel world to avoid offending anyone, but I'll assume that everyone here is down with historical accuracy.

The player is essentially running the League of Nations, beginning in 1920.  You've got mandates to manage, Great Powers to placate, and treaties to ensure.  You have outside powers who act against your mission and "supporters" who will attempt to use you to uphold their own global reach.  Each success will bring a new challenge, every act of political violence is a mark against you, and every day you stop a return to the violence is a day your mission is a success.

So say the Germans wish to join as full members- well what's the status of their debt?  Have they stuck to military regulations?  They have, okay they can join.  But wait, France opposes this!  They will allow Germany to join under new conditions, which you must enforce, and if they are not upheld then the you can't guarantee French support in the future.  But if Germany has new restrictions thrust onto them then how likely will their stability hold out?

Or say 10 years into the game you're notified that the Mandates will be running out soon and several new members will be joining the League.  Britain, the Commonwealth, and France all insist that the Mandates are not ready for independence and need more time.  You can agree and not deal with the headache of Israel-Palestine, but the United States is very much opposed to this, as are Japan, the South American nations, and the African states too.

And what sort of world are you building with the League?  The world is changing, will you be a toady for the Great Powers and allow them to use you as Imperialisms Rule Book?  Will you isolate by following higher ideals such as anti-colonialism and market freedom?  You could even try to become a force for real global change- subverting the wills of sovereign governments through deals, bribery, blackmail, and political intrigue.

They shall grow not old- don't let them die in vain.


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Go away MI5, we're not friends.
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Immediate goals: Eat healthy, exercise, be creative, don't masturbate over anything too weird.

Short term goals: Get Masters Degree in History, get a PGCE in History, try to finish a story for publishing, work on maps and scenarios, try not to die in an embarrassing fashion.

Long term goals: Become a history teacher, get a doctorate, become a lecturer at a university, get into politics, reunite Ireland, make sure that history records how funny, witty, and handsome I was.


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You know I had the beginnings of a really nice Game of Thrones alternate history taking place earlier ;, I was playing the AGOT mod for CK2 as Prince Viserys the Beggar King

The story that formed while I was role playing as him was that he was sick and tired of not getting the support he wanted, so he and Daenerys left for the Step Stones a little while after getting refuge and resources from Illyrio in Pentos

Severla bloody and violent years lat he ending up as the Pirate King of the Step Stones and poised to invade Westeros and retake his throne after Robert died in suspicious circumstances sometime after Jon Arryn in 303 AC

Strangely enough Joffrey ended up as GOOD king!... at least compared to canon. King Joffrey the Kind was proud, stubborn and selfish but he was also kind, gregarious and just. I chalk that up to Tyrion the Imp acting his educator/guardian and then becoming hand of the king when Robert caught a lethal dose of the strangler. Sansa was his Queen while Arya was married to Tommen who got the Stormlands after Renly revolted for the throne and failed resulting in him losing his titles while Stannis for some reason kept quite about the incest shit and stayed on Dragonstone brooding.

Eddard died fighting Mance Rayder at the Wall and Robb ended up dying some years before during Renly's Rebellion. Cersei was packed off from court and sent to marry Willas much to her assumed fury, she gave him twins but died giving birth to a third child.... hooray.

Winter still hadn't arrived in game although it didn't seem to be far off so no White Walker activity yet. Just as I was about to invade to retake the Iron Throne CK2's latest expansion, Holy Fury, was released so couldn't continue it. In a way I'm glad though I didn't really want to kill Joffrey in that play through and subject the Seven Kingdoms to an even more ruthless and cruel Viserys who happened to also be a devout R'hllorite and a good degree more stable.

Sorry if this is a random post, just thought you might find it interesting.
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Killing all the Nazis is enough of an achievement, don't worry.
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