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First off, I'll be very clear in admitting that I haven't been posting or submitting new art to DA like I did in the old City of Heroes days. But judging by the overall activity on the gallery and also judging by the journal entries titled things like "So long DA. I'm on Facebook.", or "I've got a new site! I'll be posting there now." I'm not sure I've missed very much. 

I wonder what DA's traffic reports look like compared to a few years ago?

As for myself, yes I've been wrapped up in a few game design projects for a while and haven't had a ton of time to draw/paint (sadly). I'm trying to get back into it a little bit and I'll continue to post whatever pops up both here and on Facebook. 

I hope DA is doing good and does have plans for the future (whatever they may be). I like the service and community and hope it will be around for a long time to come.

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Wishing everyone out there a Merry Christmas. We actually saw snow, which in Texas requires some kind of miracle.
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Aniballs is now available on iOS, Android, Nook and Kindle Fire. This 5 star puzzle app is great for kids and adults alike.  Here's a sample of what some people are saying about Aniballs:

"This game has kept me entertained for hours and hours."

"This game is adorable and educational. The Feral Facts are great, not your typical animal facts."

"Awesome fun!"

The game includes 60 puzzles and over 200 fun animal facts about endangered animals. We're currently working on our first expansion that will add another 20 levels to the game for free.

The game is .99. Swing by any of the links below and check it out.

Aniballs - on Nook
Aniballs - on the Apple App Store
Aniballs - on Google Play
The Official Aniballs Website
Aniballs - Amazon App Store

Thank you, and have fun.
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I'm very proud to say that Aniballs, a mobile game I developed with my kids Katie and Connor is now available on the Android Marketplace. It's a physics based puzzle game centered around endangered animals. It includes 60 levels and over 200 crazy true facts about endangered species. Did you know Polar Bears were practically invisible to infrared cameras?

Here's the link the Android Marketplace (Google Play)…

All for a bargain price of $0.99. Easy to pick up and play, it's fun for all ages.
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Hey all. Just wanted to announce the mobile game my kids and I have been working on...for about a year...will hit the Android Market on June 1st!

I've posted a few pieces of concept art here in my gallery, now the whole thing is put together.

We're very excited about it, check out the links below for more info and spread the word.

Aniballs Facebook Page (give us a like) -
Official Aniballs Website -

It's been fun and we've learned a ton about endangered animals.
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Well, they're not scheduled to announce the winners of the City of Heroes Movie Poster Contest until June, but I did catch a glimpse of my entry in the Prezi presentation Paragon Studios gave at the CoH Player Summit last weekend.

Could mean nothing, or maybe, it's a good sign. We'll see.

*fingers crossed*

My entry for the City of Heroes Movie poster contest is finally done and uploaded. Once the contest is over I'll be sure to upload a pic here.

I'm pretty excited about it as I absolutely love movie posters. This one's a combo of techniques, we've got a bit of 3d in there, along with some hand painted elements and even through in some vector pieces for good measure. Ok, actually picturing all that, it sounds pretty horrible, but put all together I think it came out pretty well.

Time will tell.

Anyone out there going to give "The Old Republic" a try when it launches?
Do you feel more creative on some days than others?

If so, what's your general creative to non-creative ratio on days?
Well, I finally broke down and got a Cintiq. It's the 12" model which seems to be perfectly my size.

Now I guess I should get to creating some art with it huh?
Ok all you illustrator types. Who out there has a Wacom Cintiq (and uses it). I'm looking for any possible feedback and reviews you have. Please specify the model and approximate size.

Is it the coolest thing ever? Or not worth the big bucks?
I must admit, I seem to be having a twinge of CoX withdrawls. It could be the fact that I'm back to finishing up a couple of hero pieces (yes WP, yours as well :)

I guess I did the same thing with Star Wars Galaxies a few times (probably a few times too many), but I think Going Rogue is starting to stir my curiousity.

Anyone else out there picking it up? Or can anybody give me an honest "state of the game". (current players only please, I'm not looking for any CoX haters to tell me how lame the game is...or how the game was so buggy last time they 3 years ago.
Although I've been quiet on DA for a while I haven't slowed down too much, it's more of a shifting gears.

I've been working on an indie game for the xBox 360 for a while now and figured it was about time to post some of it here. So I've added a few character sketches to the gallery.

For more info check out the dev blog at or my Facebook Fan page at: Deep Blue Facebook (don't be shy...become a fan while you're there, I could use some). :)
I'm pretty excited to post I just received a new Wacom tablet surface and one of their super-cool art pens. My tablet surface was scratch via some wild feline and it was in a really bad spot, which made using a certain area of the tablet a crap shoot.

Anyhow, initial test are pretty fun and I look forward to really getting some use out of it now that I've updated the drivers and am beginning the process of setting up the preferences and settings in the various programs.

Anyone else use one of the art pens?
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It is official, Star Trek Online definitely has possibilities. Now if they can just finish the thing on time.

That being said, you'll probably notice a run of Star Trek projects being posted such as the two desktop patterns I just uploaded. I've been playing with Connor every night (when we can) and we've been having a blast. It launches with their "head start" program next week so we'll see how that goes.

My gut says it's going to be pretty bumpy start...but we'll see.
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So, I admit...I haven't hit Paragon City as much as I used to. Usually preoccupied with work, family and other projects. But...WOW it's gotten mighty quiet in there. So I swung by the old message boards and hardly recognized any of the names posting.

Did everyone give up on CoX? Are they playing Champions or what?

I'm lucky to catch War Patriot or TA running around town any more.
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Hello all. I'm still alive and kickin', just taking a little superhero hiatus to work on an XNA game for the 360 "The Adventures of 8 Baller and the Attack of the 50 Foot Amazon Women...from Mars...IV"!

Just kidding. Actually it's just a small little 2d side scroller called "Deep Blue". It's been fun and challenging, but it's going decently well. Feel free to check out the development blog at
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Land of the Lost iPhone

Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2009, 7:37 PM
Although it's a little overdue now, since they've been live for over a month now I figure I'd go ahead and announce the launch of a few new games we did at work for Lego.

Happy to announce the release of the first iPhone game I've been a part of. It's for the Universal Pictures film "Land of the Lost" starring Will Ferrell.

My part was, big surprise...the art. Using Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop.

Swing by the iPhone store and download it. The best part is, it's absolutely free and you're bound to kill at least a few hours with it.

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New Lego Games Released

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2009, 9:49 PM
Although it's a little overdue now, since they've been live for over a month now I figure I'd go ahead and announce the launch of a few new games we did at work for Lego.

The first is Crosstown Craze for Lego Racers. It's a fun little isometric drag racing game.
Play Crosstown Craze

The second and third games are for a new Lego IP. I was pretty hands-off on the design of these two, but the folks that worked on it did a great job.
Play Rock Rocket

Play Cave Convoy

I figured with the Lego illustrations I do here on the site, some might find the games entertaining (keep in mind they're for kids.)

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Can Creativity Be Measured?

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2009, 6:46 AM
I don't know a single person that hasn't said something like, "I was just writing and it just flowed through the keyboard. I was on a roll.". Or the opposite, "I'm all dried up. I've got nothing today."

Both of those statements make reference to an amount of being creative. Whether it's with words, paint, or any other medium we've all had our 'on' and 'off' days when trying to do something creative. If you haven't had off me, I want your secret.

Question #1 in my little creativity project is: How is creativity measured...or even IF it can be measured at all. Is there a way to consistently measure your 'good days' from your 'bad days'? Is there a creative scale from 1-10? Can you put it down on paper or in a database somewhere?

Even if you could accurately mark it on a chart there are questions about the chart itself. Is it a set chart, with the same range for everyone, similar to an IQ chart? Or is it a subjective chart measuring a percentage of each personal overall creativity?

My first idea for measuring creativity would be to look for other existing subjective measurement systems. The most common one that pops in my head would be one found at a doctors office or emegency room. These are commonly used for determining how much pain a person is in when. Although I don't THINK it's a standard, the ones I've seen have involved happy faces, and there are usually about five of them ranging from very sad to very happy.

My question to you. How would YOU measure creativity?

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