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Mandalorian fan art!

Mandalorian movie study, kinda turned in to fan art lol,
took way longer than expected... hope you like it!

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only six comments r u kidding??? this is so good it should have 10,0000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought it was a picture of Mando at first, the metal is soo photorealistic! Impressive
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Wow this should have been used with the end credits art of the Mandalorian! The detailing on Mando's armor is amazing. You can see the console lights reflected in it and it looks solid. This is a scene you can almost hear. :wow:

Mando: "What did I say, put that back." *Thee seconds later. Mando unscrews the knob and gives it to baby Yoda* "Here you go, kid."

Some of the best fanart I've seen. Excellent work! :clap: :w00t: And now I have the series's awesome theme going through my head.

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thanks, this is so heartwarming ❤️
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'this is the way' to draw fanart! This is amazing!!!
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thank you very much!📢📢
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"Hit the eject button, lose the little shit and nobody will be the wiser."

Nice work.

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