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99SamPanda99 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1. Please describe my characters to me. ("What kind of personality do they seem to have? What role do you think they play? What do you think they do? etc.")

I'm basing this off of a quick look at your art and I haven't read any of the descriptions. I'll focus on only a few characters I'm seeing quite a bit in your gallery: 
MoreConstructin by ToddNTheShiningSword  First, this girl! Based on the drawings of her I think she's one of the protagonists in your story. She seems to be Outgoing and perhaps naive? She may also be a magic user of sorts. 
Toddup by ToddNTheShiningSword Next, this dude. He seems to be a pretty "generic" main protagonist, not saying this to be an insult or anything! Brave and optimistic are some traits I'm getting from this design. He also may be a "warrior" type class. 

May in March by ToddNTheShiningSword Finally, this little lady. She seems to be the more level-headed type, though I'm not really sure about what I can infer from this character design. I think she might be a little similar to the first girl but removing the "naive" bit. I'm also not sure what "class" she'd be.

 2. Does it look like any of these characters (or the cast as a whole) is trying to communicate a specific idea or feeling? Please explain, if you can, what that idea is, if it's unclear, and/or how to make it clearer.

I just get a feeling of a long-running adventure story from the lineup I'm seeing. I haven't read all of the descriptions where the story probably is so sorry if I couldn't add much. 

 3. What's the most interesting thing about each character [that you want to answer this for], or about the characters as a whole?

I quite like your character designs, though some of the side characters are a bit forgetful. For example, the green hooded girl the I commented on in the answer above has an interesting silhouette with the bubble-shaped dress!

 4. I think a 'MEH' character is worse than a bad character. Which character(s) look the most uninspiring, and what do you think I can do to fix them?

Again, I think some of the side characters are a bit forgetful. IMO, I think that having a defined theme is pretty nice to have with a character's design, like a "cloud" theme. Another this is having strong contrast. It's just how I like to design characters and you don't need to follow it! I'm better with critiquing the visuals of art rather than story or character design. 

 5. What, in your personal opinion, do you think I need to do to make these characters ones that you, personally, would like more? Please be specific. (Examples: Is there an item/improvement/power you imagine one having? Is there something they seem to be expressing that you don't like, or a side of them you'd need to see first? Is there something I should exaggerate more, or something I should tone down?)
I think that most of the characters are fine as they are, again, I'm not the best person with critiquing a story so I'd suggest looking at the answer above for anything that I might have to say here! 

I hope that you find my comment somewhat helpful! Heart 
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for commenting.

The girl in the green and the guy with the sword are definitely main protags. :nod: You got their "classes" right. Some of the personality traits were off, though. For the third girl, That design wasn't done by me. It makes a lot of sense to me that you wouldn't be able to infer anything from her design because I was confused by what her design should be when I was making her, so I got some design input from someone who as also confused- because I was confused! :doh: LOL But yeah that's why I linked a specific folder like you already know now- so designs like that wouldn't be included. ^^; It's totally no problem that you didn't know the story, because I actually really wanted people to guess what they thought the story was without actually seeing it! :D
I kinda wonder which characters you thought were side characters, because Featured doesn't really show the actual side characters at all.

And last it's cool you suggested that I give the character designs a theme, and gave "cloud" as an example, just because 'cloud' is so artistic and weirdly non-obvious, and so it's just the kind of theme that I would want to make! Except I might actually make one even less obvious because it'd be more specific, like thundercloud, for example.
99SamPanda99 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you like my input, even though it wasn't the best. Best of luck on future projects!
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Edited Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh no! :noes:
You commented on the wrong Folder! :nuu:
I tried to let both of you guys know which folder I needed feedback on, because the character designs I needed feedback on are only found in a specific subfolder. Most of the rest of my Gallery has art that's old, or designs made by other people, or things that aren't about the designs. :(
The characters were in this folder:pointr:…

The Group tells us to link the Folder we want, but the link doesn't show up in the Notes anymore, so I tried to reply to you both on there manually so you'd know. :oops:

But I since you did all this work already, I guess it's okay if don't do it all again for the actual Folder... ^^; :aww:I still thank you for answering. :la:
99SamPanda99 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh I'm so sorry! I just followed the directions that the note gave me, and it wasn't noted anywhere that I had to review a specific folder, at least anywhere that I noticed :'(
I hope you still received some valuable feedback from my comment though! 
ToddNTheShiningSword Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep no problem. :la:
KokoKiero Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018
The specific folders are linked in the note by your names - if you go to the note and click on the name of your group members found there, it should link to the folder that they submitted for the group.
99SamPanda99 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I'm sorry! I looked at the folder but I still feel like a lot of what I wrote in the comment above still applies to that folder! I wrote a little add-on comment on that folder also, so I hope this still counts!
KokoKiero Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018
Yes, it still counts! I just thought I would clear up any confusion, as I saw a few comments about the folder link not being in the note. ^^
Gequibren Featured By Owner Edited Jul 27, 2018  Student General Artist

Your gallery is immense! I don't have time to see everything, but I have taken a general look and then more focus on some drawings of the designated folder.
About the videos that you have on Youtube, it's usually recomended to record horizontally since it's the format most used by the screens and fits better without leaving black bars on the sides. That or put something on the sides to cover the black bars, such as a drawing or animation.
Animations is what I like most about your gallery, I think they are very well done. Keep it up ! :) I recommend you include a GIF file in small resolution to be seen as the preview with motion. You can edit it in the "deviation".

- "This folder is based on practice. What was your impression upon seeing a folder full of pieces like these?"
- The practice is necessary, but some people prefer to leave the sketches and practice drawings in the "Scraps" section and leave only the best works in the gallery to impress watchers. Crayons are not my favorite material, but I still like them. I usually use them more for the background, because I don't like much the result that they give in characters or small drawings. I don't consider them a tool of precision, but to represent figures and remote elements that don't require details. In that aspect, my impression when seeing so many paintings in your gallery of that style is not too good ...

- "There's something about the art I want to make that I do not understand, and that's why I make stuff like this What does it look like I'm trying to learn, and how do you think I can better learn that? "
- I think what you're trying to learn is above all human figures and poses, although maybe I'm wrong. I think the poses are great and dynamic, one of your best skills ! :)
To improve the rest, here are some possible tips:
* The color of the crayons in some images smudges the lines and strokes that define the edges, preventing the different parts of the characters from differentiating well. A second review of the lineart could greatly improve the result.
* I see the proportions in some drawings out of the ordinary: feet and hands too big or small, legs too short or too long ... I was surprised to see that in several comments you or other users said that the proportions were all right. At that time I thought maybe it was my problem and I saw it wrong, but I went back to review it and there is something wrong... sorry, don't want to offend, but I try to express what I think.

- "Based on what you see here, is there something that I'm not practicing that you really think I should be practicing? (Other than backgrounds, shading, and realism unless you're going to say something specific, because I already know I need to practice scenery, can not understand shading, and do practice realism separately) "
- The comics, the stories and situations that you tell and invent, as well as the ideas that you transmit, I think they are quite original and very well thought out :). As for example that drawing in which your character uses the sword to cut in half a skull that represents the "problems". Perhaps the vignettes in other of your comics are too saturated with characters and elements. More space is needed and to mark more the edges of the vignettes and separation pictures between each scene. The style of the letter may be difficult to understand in some cases, or for some people. I would recommend using digital tools to add it to traditional drawing.
- As for the color, I think it lacks consistency and a more uniform line. But it's complicated to get it with crayons.
- Another thing that could be improved is the perspective, since it does not fit into some images. It's a complicated issue for me too.

- "These characters are all for a story I'm trying to make. I want them to inspire people, but I do not feel like they're communicating well. characters more inspiring or interesting, so people will look at them and think "I want to see more of that!"? "
- Here I have to talk about the backgrounds to answer the question. I know you said you are aware that you should improve them, but could be quite urgent to do it. Because that may be repelling some users. Some backgrounds have a stroke that is too noticeable. In a comment I read that you did this on purpose in some drawings because there was a meaning. But anyway I think it's not a good idea to express that way. Most people do not read descriptions or comments, just look at the images. It's sad but true. If they see something in the image that they do not like, they may no longer look at anything else. Maybe that's one of the problems when it comes to communicating your story. Another option instead of painting the background, would be to make a lineart. It could be even better.

- "What's missing?" Is there a character type or element of design that seems to leave a glaring hole in the character roster? this or based off that and added it to the cast "?)"

I think what you lack in the design of the characters is a little more detail in the clothes and variety in accesories. Some drawings look great in that aspect, but the crayons as I said do not help to give details. Maybe that's the problem, but since you usually use crayons, I don't want to tell you to change to other material, but maybe add more materials to your hands. The truth is, it's a complicated matter, because I don't see another option.

Good luck ! Constructivecomment

EDIT: Don't know If I have to put the comment here or in the designated folder... tell me if I have to change it
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