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I just need to point out to everyone that the following people are awesome.

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Well, now I know that maybe, just maybe, someone would donate to me, because it happened. I filled my last bar, so I'm going again. This time I want to see maybe also if I could get some of the assorted folks I see on other people's pages that drop in and drop off literally a point or two to get in on the act. I'm going to try to get enough to buy 3 months of Premium with points alone!

But I really want to use the points to help others also!
And by donating points, you're supporting Todd & The Shining Sword! Have you read that comic yet? You should!

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This is an additional button I put down here just in case people are using the 'End' key or something to skip everything on my page, and go straight to the Comments, so they miss the other big button above them.
Your intentions may be good, but it's not pleasant to receive these spam-flavored messages.
Favorites for dA by C.-L. by trad-milay
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Just thought I'd type another "potentially" short Journal.

For the longest time, I've just been making character drawings character drawings character drawings and this is because I didn't know what to do, and it wasn't not knowing as in iterating on their designs.
It was because... as far as details go, artistically, I'm very uninspired. I see a space and know SOMETHING should go there, but I rarely have a clear idea of just what. So I'm trying to draw something, but I never know what it is I'm trying to draw.
This never happens in the general points, though. It's always in the details.

How can you objectively improve something that's so subjective as art? EASY.When one artist helps another improve their art, I've found that what's truly happening is the helper has figured out exactly what the artist was trying to do, but was not successfully doing, so they had to identify the artist's goal, see how they failed to achieve that goal, and conclude that the artist probably didn't see or understand this particular failure. And of course they have to also know a possible solution.
This is why it's so easy to help a person with something like anatomy. If they're drawing a human, we all know what humans are supposed to look like, so we always know EXACTLY what the artist was TRYING TO do, EXACTLY how they failed to do that, and can tell them what "right" is and how to learn to do that. With other things, it can be much harder to help, based on what the thing is.

Here's where this comes back to me. I have problems with designs and details. I have A FEELING for what goes in a place, rather than a picture. My mind unconsciously remembers something from somewhere, but it doesn't remember the details accurately, and I don't actually know what that thing was or how it was supposed to be, so I can't find help on how to make it. Because I can't communicate what the thing is to humans, or to Google.

The reason I'm typing this Journal is because I've finally experienced what happens when someone can tell me exactly what to Google. Even if they didn't do it on purpose. The first example that comes to mind was when I was interacting with people through :iconprojectcomment:, and someone gave me their two cents:twocents: on what kind of haircut Luke, the male fairy should have. That haircut was valued at two cents for HIM, but what was two cent advice for one character turned out to be two DOLLAR advice in general! :dollarus::dollarus::happybounce: because it was so useful elsewhere! They basically told me the name of the haircut that May has, enabling me to look it up! So now I know exactly how the real cuts should look so I can finally understand how to stylize it for a cartoon! At last!
I've also had examples where I just happened to look at an object or a character (sometimes one I'd seen before already! :doh: ) and realize that THAT was what I should have been doing all along!

I should probably wrap this up now before it gets too long.
The takeaway here is
I REALLY need help with the very VERY specific details that go into a picture,
If you see any details in any of my backgrounds or CHARACTERS that look uninspired and/or confusing... it's probably because I didn't consciously know what it was I was trying to draw, but if YOU THINK you know what it was I was TRYING to make, PLEASE tell me! This naturally also goes if you don't know how to help me but know exactly what source can. I've been artistically lost for years because I can't figure my own characters out because it's taken me this long to finally get to a place where I've almost figured out what the heck it was that I was trying to draw all this time! :shakefist: I can't get it right if I don't know what "it" is I'm trying to do.

And don't forget that you can also help out with my character details in the story department if one of them reminds you of a particular story or character from one. I might want to read some of that story. ;)

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Now that I have birthdayed, I can now accept encouragement.

The past two years had many disappointments, including hospitalizations, health scares and funerals, and a U.S. election, as well as lesser disappointments, such as not being able to figure out how I wanted my characters to look.
Now that that stuff seems to be out of the way for the moment (people can't usually die twice, but the same people can usually get elected twice :lol: ) and I have learned a lot of things, I finally know how to get back to canon comics at last, so I want to do lots of that in 2019. And birthday present comics.

Because I just had birthdays, no I feel entitled to get encouragements just for these few days. :3 Because BDay. :meow:
For all of you who stuck around long enough to still care after 5 years ;u;
What did you like most about my old Todd VS ____ comics? :meow:


'Niq ("Nick")
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:bulletred:"I'd rather have Comments on my ART than my Profile", so no need to thank me for faves, please. Or Watches.

I've got so much art I need to make that I'm immune to artist's block!

:thumbsup: Todd & The Shining Sword FTW!
:thumbsup: Regular readers of the ^^above^^ comic
:thumbsup: Babes :eyes: :XD:
:thumbsup: Emotes
:thumbsup: Detailed Comments on my art :happybounce:

I personally feel like it's almost dumb to post your dislikes if they're all things that nobody likes. Things other people like that you personally hate are much more interesting! So...
:thumbsdown: My own beliefs
:thumbsdown: Sleeping excessively
:thumbsdown: Some people like to argue. I dislike arguing, because I really don't like competition of any kind. Unless I'm WATCHING the competition. Watching people compete is fine.
:thumbsdown: I hate it when random strangers talk to me on the street. I don't care what it's about. If I don't know you, and we don't have business, then don't talk to me unless it's to alert me to something.
Of course, I love to talk to strangers on deviantART! Just not IRL!
:thumbsdown: People who feel disdain for poor people.

Personal Quote: "Oftentimes, the difference between a good person and a bad person is the good person hasn't been caught yet."

Please don't thank me for faves


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