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The THING from Fantastic Four.
I created this piece for my Myspace page and comment art.
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ah!! The best classic!!
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Great Thing! Simple but captures him in a fight (or running after Johnny) completely!
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The working man's hero.
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If you don't have the time it's okay and I understand
But if you do have the time would you be interested in coloring mine for me?


I was in the process of fixing my Inks on this with Cs3 when my computer decided to crap out on me....when I finally had my computer fixed no matter how many times I tried to reinstall cs3 it kept failing on me.
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Thanks for the request. But unfortunately, I have to decline.

All my time goes into the comic book deadlines.

Keep on drawing!
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Thanks! I colored it in Photoshop.
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I gotta give credit where credit is due-
This is one of the pieces I studied relentlessly so that I could draw mine.

Just outta curiosity who colored this for you??

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There's no time like Clobberin' Time! Great job on this take of Ben Grimm, Todd! =D
"I love comic books and I love anime. It’s kind of like being in a crack house with no money.”- Samuel L. Jackson
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Coooooooooolll job
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One of the best designs for Thing I've seen. Love the shapes, kudos man!
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Very cool Thing! Nice colors and lines. :nod:

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Seeing this begs the question: After American Dream, is Marvel gonna give you a chance on the F4?
GREAT job ,Gotta Love the THING ,you Sir great job.
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Y'know I get slagged a lot for it but The Thing (or Ben Grimm) is my fave character.

GREAT pic! :love:
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This is one of the best Things i've ever seen. I want to see the rest of the gang...
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this is exactly how the thing should look, love how you channel Wieringo and Kirby together=]
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outstanding work on this :clap: love the pose and coloring. very well done
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AWSOME, he is the ONLY BEST Marvel character i really like!!! and your DRAWING of him is even MORE awsome!!!
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I like your work... Young Justice, Teen Titans Go1....EXCELENT
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This is great. I enjoy the particles falling off the guy! Nice work!
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