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Wonder Girl, Young Justice

By ToddNauck
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She's a wonder, just like Wonder Woman.
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That's COOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Man, I miss Young Justice. You and Peter did a fantastic job on the series, and it breaks my heart to see how DC treats those characters now.
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using the two flesh tones then dropping in the 00 to blend worked out amazing! the gold tones are just fantastic as well, the perfect fabric/metallic combo! and the french curve use was genius, adds just enough of a organic shape.
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I love how you did the blending
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Wow, that's quite the ear shape, how did you come up with that :D?
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Wonderful as always, Todd!
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I miss this cassie 
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Classic Look! Awesome!
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This is amazing, I was just looking through my young justice issues the other day, the art still holds up and it's great to see your work for theses characters again.
Great work as always.
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Ah my childhood! I love how well your art style paired up with the theme of Young Justice.
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I was flipping thru my young justice issues the other day, and man how many diff costumes  did you have to draw for wonder girl. awesome work as always
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That was kind of WG's shtick. As a teen gal, she was always changing her looks. We had all sorts of code names for her costumes.
This one, her last one in YJ, was called the "Buffy look" (from Buffy: TVS).
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