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Teen Titans Go 001

This is a limited edition Teen Titans Go print I made a couple years back. It was limited to 100 copies, it was available at conventions I attended, and has since sold out.

I spent 5 years drawing the Teen Titans Go! comic book series for DC Comics. It was based on the show and we got to do stories that tied into certain episodes.
The first 25 issues have been collected into digests. And there is currently one comic-sized trade paperback.

Thought I'd post the pic here for all the TTG fans to see.
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[Wonderfully done. I wonder, who is that girl in the red dress on the far left?]

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That's Wonder Girl

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Can there be more images?

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Now that's more like it.

I always liked the version of Wonder-Girl from this comic, especially her costume. It's great nod to both her classic look, and her later appearances, while still being unique. It's really a shame that rights issues prevented her from being on the show proper. Donna's non-comics media appearances are still pretty small.

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wheres the easter egg (ie Batman)

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 great! I wish the cartoon would be on TV again. the current version... is ugh.
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Love this drawing. It's better than Teen Titans Go. That show sucks. Wish we had the original Titans back.....

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I know this pic is several years old, but it's still a personal favorite of mine, and I was wondering if there's any way I could get it in a higher resolution...?
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This is still such a fabulous picture!
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I JUST noticed Kole is standing next to Jericho, which I'm guessing is a reference to the fact they kind of had a relationship in the comics.
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this is the picture that I used as a reference for learning how to draw people!
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So Cool!!!!!!!!!
Will you have something like this at the NYCC in October? Please consider doing another version of it....There seems to be a pent up desire for the Teen Titans that just isn't being filled! I can't even find your poster on Ebay. See you in 10 weeks!
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This is amazing, you really had one of the best jobs! Wish they'd do a sixth season... 
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The inclusion of Silkie is what really projects it to perfect status. Love it. My high school and college years were consumed with this show.
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rw:i like the team ups but there were more titans from the show.
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Beastboy stereo plz    i love flash kid
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thanks for making flash.kid that awesome heroRobin Talking 
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Working my way through the comics now.

They're awesome!

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