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Miss Martian pencils

By ToddNauck
Miss Martian from Teen Titans.
A piece I did for fun.
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© 2008 - 2021 ToddNauck
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couzinit99's avatar
thats awesome i really love this character and u drew her very well. I also love it in color as well
gz12wk's avatar
hey todd mind if I ink this?
ToddNauck's avatar
I don't mind if you ink this for your gallery/portfolio only. Please credit the original pencils back to me.

Have fun!
gz12wk's avatar
no problem there, thanks Todd!
Scavgraphics's avatar
Strangely, I was weirded not to see a skrull chin on her:)
GreenArrow's avatar
Dear Santa:
Please please please let this not be just "for fun" as he says and make him a regular on Teen Titans or revive Young Justice.
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treybor's avatar
so that's why..hmm..why HB lead?and not 2b?
ToddNauck's avatar
2B is too soft for my tastes.
treybor's avatar
nice stuff man..what lead did you use?because the lines looks so bright..
ToddNauck's avatar
HB lead pencil. I love how it applies to the board.

(I sketch layouts in 2H and tighten the layout with HB).
Jamibug's avatar
Awesome stuff Todd.... as usual. Nice White Martian too.
Mordok78's avatar
RAHeight2002-2012's avatar
Looking good, buddy!
BrenGun's avatar
wow looks great!!!!
Drawgasm-Designs's avatar
Marry me, sir. I love Miss Martian and this is by far the best interpretation I've seen someone do on here :D A definate fave!
StevenSanchez's avatar
Looks Naucktastic!
shananagin's avatar
This is lovely! I agree with everyone that it'd be awesome if you could draw TT.

Also, anyone else notice that Miss Martian is really freaking similar to Secret? Like, not in appearance, but in power, mysteriousness, disposition, cuteness, possibility of being evil...
xx-memory's avatar
your style fits wonderfully for Miss Martian =)
I approve 100,000%!!!
theRealJohnnyCanuck's avatar
In the name of all things Bob and Doug that is some nice work, Todd!

Makes me want to colour!!!!

xiaoniao's avatar
Absolutely incredible. All of your works are highly inspirational. It seems that whatever series in which you work, or whatever character you draw, you manage to bring out the best. Here, certainly, you've done just that, focusing on Miss Martian's obvious femininity while simultaneously showing the viewers her determined side, which is important to her character.

Her inner White Martian demon was placed and shaded perfectly, too. The fact that it is more shaded than she is helps give the dark impression it's supposed to. It's little things like that help add to what's already apparent. It's not just giving a threatening snarl; it's large, looming, darkened, and it's surrounding her from all sides, giving us the sense that her demon could 'swallow' or 'envelop' her at any moment.
ToddNauck's avatar
You caught what I was trying to deliver. Thanks!
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