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Com: Growing Pains - (Deku TG)

To start off this story, we take a look at a young man with messy green and black hair sulking down the sidewalk in a very unfortunate mood. Getting straight to the point, Izuku Midoriya's day wasn't entirely going so well. He was ridiculed at school by his classmate Katsuki Bakugou who then nearly destroyed his notebook. Later on his walk home he has assaulted by some sort of sludge villain that threatened to forcibly enter and take control of his body, but at least he was saved by his number 1 idol! All Might, the Symbol of Peace. An inspiration to the quirkless young man ever since he was a small child. Despite being at death's door just

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Yin and Yang


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Coronavirus Beat-up


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Mai Shiranui

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Step by Step - Worst

Step by Step Worst CHAPTER 1 There was a time, where she enjoyed to go to school. It was fun as she used to see her friends, play games such as hide and seek, learn and create new things, eat a delicious meal that her mother prepared for her, see her smile when she came to take Aimi home, hold her hand, talk to her, wait her dad to return home, hug him when he came back, feel their warm bodies embracing her, listening to their voices… "Moriyama-san… Can you please present yourself to your classmates." Her new teacher said softly. Her voice bring Aimi back to the painful reality. Her parents were gone. And now she had to face he


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Transformation Survival Guide

A Special Note: I am writing this guide because throughout my travels I have run into many stories of people being transformed against their will, many doomed to a life of misery and woe. After I got past my initial stages of laughter, I began to feel quite sad about their fates. And so this survival guide is dedicated to those poor sufferers, who have been transformed against their wills, in hopes that the knowledge I am about to lay out before you shall help you avoid their fate. This should also give you fair warning that this guide automatically assumes you are not wishing to be transformed. Transformation Survival Guide Section 1: Cate

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The Men of Infinity War-part 3


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Deadly Syns 23.5 (EXTRA)

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Genndy Grievous

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CYOA: The Big Day(TG Story)

You feel comfortable. The sheets on your bed are soft, but the alarm ringing out interrupts your peaceful slumber. It’s a big day. Your sister Tiffany is getting married tomorrow, and you are so happy for her. You were always close, and she was going to be so happy with her soon to be husband, Brad. You wipe the sleep from your eyes and toss the bedding aside. Today is going to be a lazy day for you. The water in the shower is warm, and you relax as it soothes your body. Shampoo, soap, and that’s it. You’re a simple man, and all that matters is that you get clean. You exit the shower to find a text message from Tiffany. “Hey bro! I was wondering if you could meet me down by the salon at noon. I could really use a hand.” Tiffany worked at a big salon, and she loved it. She always had a knack for beauty, as you know from all the times she forced you to get a makeover when you were kids. Part of you hated that. Part of you loved it. You texted back, saying that you’ll be there. You


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