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Star Trek vs Star Wars 1

I've always been interested in the size differance between various Star Wars and Star Trek ships. I've seen Star Trek ship comparisons and Star Wars ones too, but never one of both of them combined - and never one in 3D. I thought it might be tool to make a 3D comparison of the two.

I have a second one of the larger ships that I will upload as well.
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Unlike Star Wars, Star Trek had a logical basis and therefore knew that such a great spacecraft could not be protected, unlike an average size. Gene Roddenberry never wanted to exaggerate the proportions.
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I've seen some various size comparison charts here and there, all over the Internet, but that is really cool, to see it in 3D. To actually see both of my favourite ships, the USS Defiant and the Millennium Falcon side by side in 3D form, well I also love the Klingon BoP too.

Oh my god!! If the Millennium Falcon needed somewhere to park and do repairs, do that 3D size comparison show meant that it may be possible for the Falcon to actually dock in say USS Voyager's shuttle bay??
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Related to the last statement, in one of my stories, there's a small ship called the Kyrata that docks in the Enterprise's shuttlebay. The Kyrata is only fifty feet, or sixteen meters, from front to back.
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Could you, perhaps, do something similar for other sci-fi ships (Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Halo)?
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Yes, yes, oh yes please, I second that, I agree with AnonymousLifeform's suggestion. Oh please can we also includes Babylon 5 too?
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Nothing in this picture would stand a chance against that Klingon Warbird(:
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I think the Defiant would. XD
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Yeah, the Defiant was made to take on the Borg. One lousy bird of prey would be doomed.
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A full squadron of X-wings plus 2-4 tie fighters can fit into a CR90 corvette with some modifying
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That is so cool!!! Thanks for posting this!
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I love this, the 3D size comparison. It makes them so much more real looking.
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Great job looks very classy and very useful as well.
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Awesomly cool!
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You should number the models listed in the legend so the novice or beginner can tell the names/series of these vehicles of Star Trek and Star Wars. Thanks.
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B'rel Bird-of-Prey
Tactical Escort - Defiant Class
they are still much powerfull than this SW "ugly" ship's
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The slave one has fire power comparable to a galaxy class ship. These smaller ships would be little trouble.
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the falcon is just a bit small, other than that, it looks good.
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bloody brilliant
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This is cool. I just think the At-At is off in size. I'm pretty sure its bigger than the Imerial Shuttle. The Imperial Shuttle is about the size of an X-Wing, and the AT-AT is gargantuan compared to that.
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Considering the cockpit of the shuttle seats six, I'm pretty sure the size is correct. Plus there's this matte painting from RotJ:

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