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Published: April 20, 2015
I've recent conducted an interview with Abraham Riesman of what I think is the New York Magazine (but he might publish the story somewhere else). For those that question whether the interview was real; yes it was me that making those comments. If Abraham Riesman makes up quotes by me I will published the entire interview thingy in full. Besides that, I thought everyone should know that. Also, this doesn't mean I'm properly returning. I stand by my word that I'm over the My Immortal. It's finished. The end. I'm not going to keep flogging a dead horse.

Todd Gilesbie (you know who I am)
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Hey, sorry to bother you. I had a question since you said you were both Tara and Raven in someone's earlier reply.

I was able to find Raven's old deleted stories through an archiving service. (Plus the reviews!) Some of the oldest reviews remarked that: 1) Raven had a favorite user named Lioness Black. 2) Raven's email had lionesswhite on the profile

Of course, this is quite a large coincidence, and it would be reasonable to assume Lioness Black is Raven. If you are Tara and Raven, what is up with that?