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Hikari's Wonderland Demo 0.1.0 (PT-Br)

I'm here posting the Demo 0.1.0 of my first Visual Novel, Hikari's Wonderland. Please note that's the portuguese (brazil) version. I'll produce the english and spanish version soon. The graphics are not good, but i'm arranging that, and I'll post the version 0.1.1 soon, with the new graphics.
Hikari's Wonderland is the first visual novel produced by Neverland Novels Productions. It follow the sisters, Nessa and Talita, that somehow were thrown to Wonderland. Just because of a stoled mirror from a warring world: the Elemental World, protected by the Kingdow of Light, Hikari.
The VN is a freeware program.
Credits: Ren'Py, DAZ Studio 4 Pro.
Resolution: 800x600
Without voices.
Genres: Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Mistery, Magic, Supernatural, Medieval, Alice in Wonderland

Thanks for downloading.
Please comment (i think that just brasilian will comment for now).
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Somente a demo? Queria a versão completa... :/

Only the demo? I wanted the full version... :/
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uma otima vn em portugues? eu ñ acredito! existe um deus!
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This VN looks great!cannot wait for the English Version
moonstruckmuse's avatar
This looks incredible! I was browsing for a game on renpy, and I am very excited for this. Can't wait for the English one!

I know Koko offered, but if you want a second proofreader for English let me know as well.
TodayIDie's avatar
Yeah, you can proofread it.
If you want, talk to Koko and you two proofread =D
And sorry for my bad english too... xDD
moonstruckmuse's avatar
That sounds great. :) Koko and I are friends, so it's no problem with us working together to proofread it.

Do not worry about your bad English; we just want to help! It's very kind of you to make an English version in the first place!
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WOW! I cannot WAIT for the English version.


Hey, I'm really good at proofreading. If you ever want me to help with editing, give me a poke!
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I edited it, and the new version it's very different. But, if you want, you can do it. And you can proofread too.
And sorry for my english mistakes xDD My english is very very bad...
DJ-KOKO's avatar
Well, I can't play the Portuguese version so I'm very excited for the English one :) If you want help, I'd be glad to. Just let me know. :3
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