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Equius Wig Tutorial

By TodayForYou
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Some people were interested in my Equius wig, so when I remade it I decided to make a tutorial to help out others!

Beware this file is huge.

It's a bit long winded, but I do hope it helps! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
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D--> I just made one! it turned out pretty good! thx
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I just made my wig in this style but it didn't come out nearly as good uwu"
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I wish I could buy one of these from you, I just know I'd mess it up if I do it myself. XD
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Wow you are an awesome Equius
*xxx squishes your face xxx*
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may i ask how you did the glasses?
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I painted the cracks onto a cheap pair of sunglasses with white acrylic paint and the smallest brush I could find! :]
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How did you do the body paint/makeup? Its amazing along with this wig. :heart:
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Thank you! I use Ben Nye Grey for the base color, and Steel Grey to shade above my eyes and accentuate my cheek bones. The blue is just and grease based paint, but Ben Nye could work as well. Then it's all held down with Mehron translucent powder and Ben Nye Final Seal :]
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No problem, you look amazing! :D Do I buy this sort of thing at a costume store or a theatre store or will other places like an art store have this sort of thing? Or would it be easier to shop online? I don't have many stores for makeup or other such things where I live.
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I get my Ben Nye supplies at! It's cheaper and they ship quickly. The Mehron powder was just bought off Ebay, a big amount for like 7 bucks C:
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Is the Grey under the Body section? If so, would it be a better idea to buy the 4oz bottle? Both my friend and I are doing a Troll cosplay(Her, Nepeta and myself as Equius). And also, what section is the Steel Grey under?
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Use the Ben Nye Creme Color. You just search those four words for all the color options, but here's a link for the greys:

Grey: [link]
Steel Grey: [link]
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Thank you so much! You are very helpful. : D My friend and I have been wanting to do this for a while, thank you. :heart:
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this is a great tutorial and your cosplay is amazing
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Don't suppose you make and sell these? :P
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Sorry, but no I don't. :<
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Haha. S'fien.
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O h fuck thank you for making this I always wondered! you just amaze me
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That is so fucking beautiful. :'D
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