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She said she was Emo
I realize her tattered hands were intact
Beyond the cutting of her remorse
Puncturing the deadliest of what lacked
Within a memoir before and worse
Conjuring the unimaginable
Proclaiming the escape and excuse
Of a lover's quarrel so topical
The reasoning of her wits refuse
Left us with only one conclusion hence
Upon each proof we learned of her that day
Where by no means did she show repentance
On the occasion of this awkward play
We knew rightfully that she did just stop
Pretending to be Emo with ketchup
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 1 2
Super Llama
My Llama today
August twelve two-thousand-ten
Changed -- Super Llama!
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 0
Of One Heart's Fragment
Is it really?
You don't say?
That can't be right...
Are you sure?
Is there any other way that we could--?
I see.
I understand.
That's fine.
I'm not ok.
It's not like that!
But it does sound it...
I get it.
I know.
I know!
Don't even worry about it.
That's fine.
I'll miss you too.
Good bye.
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 0
A Selfish Heart
It is the night sky that makes me wish
of a slightly different day today
of a possible trend that may continue
of a reason to begin anew and anew again
It is not a regret that I wish to cure
But a savvy tie to the latter day
Of a world of possibilities
and the improbabilities
From where stems my ideals of
What would seem to be selfish
And perhaps even spoiled
Amongst lives that don't have so much already
To be loved and continuing to return it so
With an open mind and a clear heart for us to endure
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The Vilanelle beyond the Wolf
And so I tamed a wolf tonight
With Fangs bared scarlet before my eyes
Behaving like a child without a fight
Oh the very thought was quite a sight
Never again would I be scoffed for my size
And so I tamed a wolf tonight
To qualm against a beast was quite
The triumph I had enjoyed in guise
Behaving like a child without a fight
Romancing its loyalty despite
Giving myself no better device
And so I tamed a wolf tonight
And upon my strides it didn't fight
Protecting me until the day it dies
Behaving like a child without a fight
Something of unordinary delight
Continuing this oddity and sight
And so I tamed a wolf tonight
Behaving like a child without a fight
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 0
Gold Fish
I'm trapped between air and water and salt
Lost in time in remembrance of my minutes passed
I shimmer beneath the sea as gold
and gasp when I am stolen away from the ocean
My eternal school of life
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 1 2
Racing the Moon
It was upon a rendezvous
When all were asleep
She would creep out in the dark
And slip into my car
The night sky would creek crickets
As my engine slept
We would talk for hours
Beyond her curfews afterwards
As everyday was not enough
For twenty-four hours was a joke
To our hearts that bled for more
This comfort we implored
"Together" we would say
"Together someday and forever"
We would say
A thousand years could sail longer
Into the sun we would ride
And with each other we'd confide
Off to the moon we would look
Above the clouds
And into the mysterious beyond
We would say it all -- proposing it all
And sane it was to us that night
...the moon began to sink
The curious sight brought us thought
"How can this be? The sun is the only one
To fall into the horizon and make dusk,
Not the moon into dawn! Can it?"
I twisted my key, and off my car went
The moon, it sank
From street to boulevard to avenue
We would turn and twist
Just to keep up with this phenomenon
Racing with glee that
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 0
No Lies Continue
For the sake of his heart, please tell him "No",
Before the fault is blamed against your lies;
Torturing his spirit to continue,
All for the vanity you continue
Between his romance -- beyond the truth. No--
Remorse has been felt in these dreadful lies,
Persuading the opposite, for more lies.
Amending only your past to continue--
Breaking his tin heart, until you say "No."
Please Nessarose, let no lies continue...
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 1 2
The Gameress
There's a reason why girls are girls, and boys are boys
You can pwn n00bs when they return online
Recreate Ultima through hours of grinding
And punch in codes like a Hack in Counter Strike
But no Gamer can match a Gamress
She will sojourn to Azeroth to chat with friends alone
Skip all the Chaos Emeralds behind to reach the end
Play Final Fantasy just to savor Sephiroth-Sama one more time
And take all the time in the world to chill with GTA
Because no Gamer can match a GamressIt's just fun to just play a game again and again
This is what video games are for
Not to end the fun, but to love it again and again
Because no Game should die to a Gamress
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 1 0
Ghost Writer
If you can tell the story better than me
Then I urge you to tell the tale just for me
It's not very pleasant to know it too
But the reason more over is for you
Where the love of one's message is clarified
And has yet conjured a flaw to rectify
To the idle time given to me or
given to the many lot of you for
the patronage of this candid write to read
By the audience of readers to breed
The nuisance literature had born
To create such trifles it forlorn
     A tradition of antics and mischief
     In the hands of a Ghost Writer in Cheif
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 2
Stage Freight
I'm not entirely sure of what to say
It's not entirely something I should say
Obliged to impress the crowd
But irate over my stance against theirs'
Call it cowardice
Call it arrogance
Call it Sputnik
But you know what I mean
To give one speech to an audience
Strangers stranded before your stage
And in between walls or borders to organize
The thought of speaking and speaking
It's madness
It's unfair
It's cruel and unusual
For a Mute like me
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 2
Dove Chocolate
Keep me in your arms my sweet white chocolate kiss
The night calls only to our hearts in notice
Of the resonating thought of the undying
Of the inspiration that you have become to me
Oh sweet love of my ever after story tale
Let nothing hinder you of this warm supple kiss
A rose may grow in winter and soon die in summer
But the memory of your touch and embrace lives on
Clasp my hands in this tender song you've sung
May our voice stay still in this sonneto Love
As the wind may catch on to this octave of ours
And swoon this whisper into tomorrow's loveFor if it ends in this one last kiss
Then I would profess forever to you
That I shall miss...
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 0
How to host your Themed Event by TocTicTocTic How to host your Themed Event :icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 1 3
Hush little Gamer
Hush little Gamer
Don't be cross
You are amongst friends
Your console should live
Hush little Gamer
With a level 45 character
On a level 44 stage
And one last Phoenix Rise
It's not over until Game Over
Until you lay your controller
To rest
Hush little Gamer
Don't you cry
The internet still works
Go play! Go play!
Hush little Gamer
Go and try
No one can harm you
When TV can't die
It's not over until Game Over
Until you lay your controller
To rest
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 0
Open Quatrain
I'd kill for the time to be
I'd kill for the time to be with
I'd kill for the time to be with you
I'd kill for the time to be with you again
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 0
Our Unrequited Love
Kill me softly
Before my soul realizes
That I have been dead
And have not left the earth since
Kill me softly
Before the Heavens open
To reach for this spirit of mine
Beyond their ideals of peace
Kill me softly
Before I walk into eternity
Where all answers are answered
To end the romance we fought for so very...very long
:icontoctictoctic:TocTicTocTic 0 3


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I'm back, but I'm leaving this dA account for my artsy side, and returning to my original dA account for my business side. I'm starting a Groups with my theatre company, and I'd like to invite everyone to join me there, if you're interested in getting exposed in the theatre industry:

I love you guys!
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