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Lucky Number Slevin

Name: Lucky Number Slevin
Age: 3 years
Breed: Platinum fox

Info: Lucky Number Slevin got his name from the movie, in case anyone was wondering. He is a male ranch Platinum fox. He is very large in size, and also has very distinct platinum markings. He has a full white collar.

Breeding info:
To Breed your fox with Slevin it must be a natural or ranch color fox. If you wish to breed your fox with him you must comment or note me, then send me a pic of your fox. It does not need to be a ref as long as I can see all of the markings. If I agree to the breeding here are the options

Option 1: I draw the pups
After I agree to breeding, I will draw up the amount of kits you order. After breeding is complete you will get first choice of the kits, you will get first choice of the kits and can keep as many as you want. You do not have to keep all of the kits, however by breeding your fox with Slevin you are agreeing that I can sell the unclaimed kits for what I feel is reasonable. The kits you select to keep are yours free of charge, since you already paid the breeding fee.
Cost to breed:
4 kits 100 points
6 kits 150 points
8 kits 200 points
:::When your fox breeds with him you will get one color picture including his face, your foxes face, and full body pic of each pup.

Option 2: You draw the pups
If you draw the pups the breeding charge is waved and its free. However I must have choice of at least one pup and I also must still approve your female before the breeding.
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TinyDancer-Spirit's avatar
Do you have to draw the kits or could we and it be free? just wondering...
ToCatchASnipe's avatar
He is free to breed with if you want to draw the kits, but I would like choice of at least one of them if that is ok? Also I would really like to be able to see the female if that is alright with you?
TinyDancer-Spirit's avatar
Yeah, I was just asking, I actually don't have any at the moment.:shrug:

They will be up soon though, he is a beautiful boy!
FoxyCreations's avatar
Awesome, you should add them to the group!
And thank you, I love platinum foxes, they are my favorites :D
TinyDancer-Spirit's avatar
Yes, Silver is a beautiful color on foxes, Fennecs are my personal favorite, I have a character in a book i'm writing that is a fennec fox. :D

I'll try to have them up soon, It's hard to do stuff digitally for me because my scanner isn't the best and Im not so good with a mouse, Im hoping for a tablet sometime soon.
MattsyKun's avatar
My goodness, ART! Absolutely wonderful! I've GOT to start this. Finally something I can get into. :D
ToCatchASnipe's avatar
Thank you <3 Can't wait to see your foxes!!
MattsyKun's avatar
I can't wait to see them too :D XD
foxluver1's avatar
gorgeous fox, what a cute nose.
So much fur detail- ive stayed pretty basic =.=
ToCatchASnipe's avatar
Thanks! I am so glad to be back doing art lol.
foxluver1's avatar
yes, but sometimes breaks are good. n.n
galianogangster's avatar
I was really missing your art, I'm glad to see it again <3
ToCatchASnipe's avatar
Thanks, I am hoping to be lot more active on here then my other account. I am kind of saving that account for different art lol
galianogangster's avatar
I know what you mean ;)
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