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F2U Black Lives Matter Icons


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F2U Black Lives Matter Icons


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Whole Lotta Love: Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

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Snow White and the Seven Aliens

Alien vs Predator

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Zelda character creator: HW Link V 3.1.


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Coffee and Ink Lioness

Animal Art

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Vintage cats

Animal Photography

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Anime and Manga

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[ Commission ] Boian


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Artisan Crafts

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Colossal Titan Bodypaint , Animated

Body Art

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Mary Shelley

Books and Novels

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Comic Books

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Aces Wild - 18 - Sort-Of Asexual

Comic Strips

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X-Men - Rogue II


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Terra summoner

Crossover Art

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F2U Black Lives Matter Icons

Current Events

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Nausicaa Icons


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GLTAS Always

DC Animated

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DC Vertigo

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New Badge - 30 Days of Pride

The  new Badge looks like this: To receive this badge answer three questions that are at the end of this journal: :thumb799618125:


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Digital Art

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Esmeralda portrait


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C: Galathan

Dragon Age

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Fan Art

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[FFVII] The beginning...

Final Fantasy

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Egyptian Gods

Game and RPG

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Attack on Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin Grouple


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sunstone is over, long live sunstone :P

so. a strange journey has reached it's...first big stop. older readers among you knew this for a while but sunstone was , a long time ago conceptualized as a four arc story. each arc named after the central couple's safeword sunstone- ally and lisa mercy- alan and anne jasper- marion and james and still unnamed for structural reasons fourth arc when i say sunstone is over i don't mean that ally and lisa's story is over, just the sunstone arc. now, here is how things go from here on anne and alan's storyarc mercy is next. this storyarc will provide us with it's own unique narrative. anne a bi girl who gets interested into this whole bd

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Cherry Blossoms

Nature Photography

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Tyrannosaurus rex

Paleo Art

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this city never sleeps

People Photography

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House by the river


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Pixel Art Nintendo Entertainment System

Pixel Art

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Erika Linder Practice01


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30 Day Video Game Challenge


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Seashore Wallpaper

Scapes Photography

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Save The Big Cats Stamp


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Skeletron Prime


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Spear of Destiny

Traditional Art

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Love Koi Plushies Sewing Pattern

Tutorials and Resources

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Arm Construction Notes.

Tutorials- Art

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Character Arc Worksheet

Tutorials- Characters

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8 Quick Tips for Writing Dialogue

1) Dialogue in fiction is nothing like how people talk in real life. It’s fine to use “as heard in real-life” phrasing, but real-life dialogue is often meaningless. Ideally, every word of dialogue in fiction should serve a purpose and progress the plot or character development. If it has more than one meaning (subtext), all the better. 2) Start the conversation late and exit early. No one wants to read small talk, hellos, or goodbyes unless they add meaning to the story … which is almost never. 3) No info dumping in dialogue, please. Only put quotation marks around what you can actually envision the character saying

Tutorials- Writing

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250 Erotic Prompts

1) Blindfold 2) Under the sheets 3) Chains 4) Fingers 5) Chocolate 6) Shower 7) From behind 8) Surprise 9) Bubbles 10) Outdoors 11) Take Me (Away) 12) Experimental 13) Blow Me Away 14) Role Play 15) Lollipop 16) Dangerous 17) Blood 18) First time 19) Strip 20) Pop 21) Cheat 22) Tease 23) Bruises 24) Tongue 25) Strangers 26) Tackle 27) Feed 28) Trail 29) Candles 30) On the edge 31) Dominant 32) Painful 33) Bliss 34) Loud 35) Do That Again 36) All Night Long 37) Moment of Weakness 38) Traditional 39) Whipped Cream 40) Upside Down 41) Flexible 42) For dessert 43) Don't Stop. 44) Harder 45) Bump in the Night 46) Booty call 47) One Night Stand 48)

Resources- Prompts

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Red Talons - Winter's Growl

World of Darkness

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Durotan from Warcraft

World of Warcraft

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