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Toby Says Hello by TobyMcDee, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Foot Fetish Extravaganza Special by TobyMcDee, visual art

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My Bio

Hey, you can call me Toby, I'm an artist who draw mostly fetish stuff. I made this account specifically for that, so you'll probably not see anything but that here. It's for me to put ideas or fantasies on paper, so to speak

Other sites where I put up stuff (more or less adult);




Pricing for Commissions:

> Base commission depending on amount of characters and detail; 1500-3000 points/15.00-30.00€ > Additional characters past 2; +500-1000 points/5.00-15.00€ > Background, depending on detail; 200-1000 points/5.00-20.00€ > Short GIF animation, depending on detail; 2000-3500 points/20.00-35.00€ > Comic page, depending on amount of panels; 2000-4000 points/20.00-40.00€

What will commissions get you?

+ I will show you sketches for you to approve before doing the work, and if you want changes (small ones) after it's finished I'll try to make it work.

+ I can send you the full picture!

+...You can upload it yourself, while I would appreciate getting credit for it and a link in the description.


Do not pay me anything before I've agreed to do it!

By paying for a commission, please be aware of my skill level as you shouldn't expect anything beyond that!

Please send ref pics for characters or any special poses!

Feel free to include any of my characters in your idea:…

I no longer do requests for just anyone, however anyone can make suggestions. I do like hearing feedback and what you want to see!

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section here:…

Favourite Movies
Kill Bill, Blade Runner, Reservoir Dogs
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MGS, Gta, TLoU
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Gaming, I love gaming.

Yes, I'm alive

0 min read
Hello all! Yes I'm still alive, boy have I been busy in recent times, mainly with school and projects through school. Most of my most stressful inducing stuff did end this week though so hopefully I'll have more time to return to drawing again, I have some commissions still on hold and I hope to get back to them as I try to get back into it. If you're interested in commissioning me anytime soon I am open but you should be aware that it may take some time, so I hope you're understanding if you do decide to reach out to me for that purpose. Overall, I've been doing well, hope you haven't missed me too much during my absence, and hopefully I can say I'm back for now! :)
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I think many would say this has been a lousy year, me? I like to stay positive, been doing good in school and did some good internships, however on the art front I don't think it's been the best. Might just be my most unproductive year so far, not really happy about that trend. I mean I haven't even been able to make a holiday special this year for Xmas (yet at least) and it's not really a thing I wanted to miss. However I did want to at least make a journal update for the time, commissions are in the works so more art is coming sooner or later, so stay tuned! :)
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So I've decided to open up again for commissions, however I've also decided to raise prices which I've thought about doing forever but today's the day. I know that fewer people will be inclined to get commissions from me by doing that but I hope that means that I'll be able to give those who do commission me more attention. Maybe overall be more selective. So I don't blame you if you no longer can commission me, but if you do and have such desires I hope I can give you more time with a price raise. Perhaps this isn't rocket science and more obvious than I think but hope these news aren't too crushing. Regardless, it also means I don't aim to quit drawing smut anytime soon. Though I'm not only opening up for commissions only because I might need the pocket money, I may also desire some inspiration as I've been having a hard time thinking of new fun things to do lately, which you might be able to help with? :) Anyway, without further delay, here's the new prices: > Base commission
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Do you take request?

Not right now, sorry.

Toby, listen. This guy stole one of your pics. His name's nerf1992, and this is the picture he stole:

Huh, first time that's happened as far as I know, strange way to steal art, completely red, what an odd ball, but thanks for letting me know :)

Do alot more of Weregarurumon and do Leomon