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Diablo 3 Tyrael Fan Art WIP

Been working on this for a while in my spare time. It's the result of heaps and heaps of tweaks but hopefully I'll finish it up soon. For now this is a WIP.

It's inspired by Diablo 3 and the epic heaven vs hell scenarios in the diablo lore. More to come :)

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© 2011 - 2021 tobylewin
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I'm not sure if you know this, but your Photoshopped art was used in Ukraine as a part of the statue to soldiers who fought in eastern Ukraine. Just wanted to let you know. Not sure what you will do with this information.
Here is a link to the news where I saw it.
Hey, Love this art piece, would like to negotiate usage of it.  
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Someone is using your art and it appears they did not credit you as the artists. Just wanted to give you a heads up.…
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I've never played Diablo, but those wings are glorious. :la:
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just FYI some guy submitted your work slightly altered....[link]
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i want this shit tattooed in my face
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Epic …very Epic!
I've been up all nite trying to extract this out of an Android backup finally getting it. I had to do a reverse image search and find out where it came from as I couldn't remember where I got it. Thank you for this tobylewin
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This is impressive!
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this is awesome,......if I had one thing about it that bothered me it would be the fact his wings look way different.....
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TYRAEL IS THE BOSS!!! Killing demon bitches and taking names.
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Epic, you are featured at [link]
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Hey there! Your awesome piece of work has been featured on my blog [link] ! Hope you don't mind, have a lovely day and continue producing your stunning art!
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Good, but the wings are inaccurate.
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That's kind of the idea :p
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Totally awsome!!!!
This is AWESOME!

What would it cost to use this piece of art as a CD-Cover??
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I can't believe I'm just now coming across this. Great work.
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fantastic oua!
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