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Light Source Tutorial

Please do not take this image and claim it as your own, use it as an icon, trace or alter it.
If you do share it somewhere at least put a link back to this page.
I don't want to be discouraged from sharing my hard work because of a few individuals with thieving tendencies, don't ruin this for me. Thanks.

EDIT - for something I made quickly to help me sister, which she ignored BTW, this has exploded, I'm so happy and grateful, in the first day I got over 1000 faves, I'd love to thank every one individually but it's way too much for me so sorry, but again thanks you've all put a BIG smile on my face
Don't share without my permission this is for dA only.

If you've found it helpful tell me and please show me, I'd love to see, and if you've any questions just ask and I'll do my best to help as soon as possible.

My own examples
Midna by ThePurpleSorcerer Snow Elf by ThePurpleSorcerer Halloween 2014 by ThePurpleSorcerer Robin by ThePurpleSorcerer The Antlered One by ThePurpleSorcerer 

Other tutorials
Basic Skin Swatches and Tutorial by ThePurpleSorcerer Poses with Staffs by ThePurpleSorcerer
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Thanks for making this!
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Thanks for liking it!
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Thank you so much once again.  I have so much trouble understanding light sources, this helps.  
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Glad to have helped!
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Very nice and helpful tutorial!
TobyFoxArt's avatar
Pleased to have helped!
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! I always had trouble with lighting/shading of faces and this helped a lot!!
TobyFoxArt's avatar
Happy to have helped! I'd love to see anything you do which this has helped with! :)
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Here's the finished piece! (took forever till I was satisfied with it ^^)
Thanks again!
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thankyou for the tutorial! <3 
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You're very welcome!
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Thanks a lot! I will definitely use this.
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You're most welcome! Glad to help.
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Very helpful. Thanks :)
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I used this as a reference here. This really is a very helpful tutorial. Thank you for making it.
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That's a nice start! I really like your use of colour, the purple in the shadows looks great and it's really good that you included bounce light. I've got a few suggestions that might help, firstly look at reference, maybe even take photographs of yourself in the poses you're going to paint, secondly consider making the torch light brighter and a different colour (yellow would look good with the purple shadows and be accurate too), also try making the rest of the piece a lot darker than where the torch light hits. Look at how torch light works in this photo. Good luck!
 Torch by ThePurpleSorcerer  
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Thank you! I'll keep this stuff in mind for the next picture. 
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You're very welcome
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Thanks for sharing this!
TobyFoxArt's avatar
You're welcome
JulieTHeHedhegog's avatar
Great Tutorial n_n
TobyFoxArt's avatar
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Very useful for the subtleties of the human face
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