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Imagine yourself in an unknown land, back then in time, where dragons were flying in the air, crystal grew in the grass, fairies travelling the country using their magic, and salamanders and other lizards being able to change into precious looking emeralds.

This would be the time, when Toby, Sylvana and Lolly didn't even know each other, in fact, Sylvana and Toby merely met, scouring and exploring the forest (discovering two fairies on the way :aww:), whilst Lolly (being the teal-coloured fairy-kitty on the right), unbeknown to them, would scamper, well hidden, from scrub to scrub, trying to figure out who the two strangers, exploring 'her' forest, were (and of course, as a fairy she would be really shy, careful not to be discovered, but at the same time curious to find out what's happening and why they were there).
No idea whether she would actually show up and greet them (and probably wouldn't take a closer look before dusk, even) - but who wouldn't want a fairy kitty on their side in an enchanted forest?

The size is pretty large, I know, I scaled it down to a little less than half the size and figured sizing it down more would lose a lot more details - so apologizes if you had to scroll (which is likely ^^). The eye-styles of Lolly and Sylvana don't quite match, I'm aware of that, but that's mainly because I cannot imagine Sylvana with huge eyes, and likewise I can't imagine Lolly with small ones ^^; Oh - and Lolly has no collar here, she's a free fairy-kitty XP - but she does have a little diamond around her neck, on a string. :aww:

Lolly belongs to =Christmaslolly, Sylvana belongs to *ChocolateCoveredLupe, both very nice artists on deviantArt ^-^
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