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Tea and Coffee Mug - Plushie

By tobyf
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Juuuust a little plushie character, that's all ^-^ It's been around for soo long, going through good times as well as tough ones, has been patched up so often and stitched together again - but somehow it always manages to keep on going and enjoying its time ^^

The style of the drawing itself is actually influenced by Sylvana (whose birthday is in these days too, by the way, along with Lolly's ^-^ ), which is slightly simplified (not drawing out details such as toes or fingers) but nonetheless cute and nice to look at, sooo I tried to imitate it a little here ^-^

The negative space is actually on purpose, since I printed it on a white mug to send to a friend of mine (-pokes =Bungie95-), and while I can't really give out a whole lot, if you want to have one as well, be sure to drop me a note :3

Suggestions and comments are very welcome ^-^

:tea: Tea and Coffee Mugs
Since this drawing was thought as something to put on a mug (being something happy and enchanting to look at and start your day with :giggle: ), you can actually get both sizes - the small and larger mugs - right here, from [this page] :aww: Be sure to let me know in beforehand if you want it to say something specific on the mug, so I can arrange that for you ^-^

:star: Commenting
If you have comments or thoughts, I'd love to hear them. I have disabled comments only because I want to keep everything in one place - you're more than welcome to leave them on the original picture on my site: [link] . Don't forget to fill your name in, so I know who you are! ;P If you like to watch these drawings, I also made a watch-thingy [here] ^-^
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