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It's a liiittle late, I know, but still something I want to show around - namely little clay figures to tell someone how special they are. It's something you can do every day, really, just this year I happened to make them for St. Valentine's Day so I could send them around in time. The material is Model Magic (from Crayola) I took with me from the United States (I can't find it here in Austria ;_; ), because - unlike the hard and cold clay that's usually in the stores here - it's a really light-weight and warm material, and it's slightly fuzzy too :aww: The figures weight almost nothing that way - and they feel just as soft as they look ^-^ I made three of them, which I sent all over the world to friends (together with a little heart-necklace for Frances, when I ran out of clay ^^; ), aaand they all made it there too, some taking a little longer than others, but all safe and sound :3 I tried to make them all look similar, though, like with all traditional work they'd always look a little different to each other - they're not copies after all, each one of them is something unique I spent my time on ^-^

Toby is supposed to wear nothing in particular really - the blue thingy could be a hat or a towel, it's just so he wouldn't get too cold, because it makes a nice contrast and because I have that little hat with juuuust the same colour :giggle:

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If you have comments or thoughts, I'd love to hear them. I have disabled comments only because I want to keep everything in one place - you're more than welcome to leave them on the original photo on my site: [link] . Don't forget to fill your name in, so I know who you are! ;P If you like to watch these photos and drawings, I also made a watch-thingy [here] ^-^
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