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Leaf WMW Step by Step

I never know how to label these. They aren't really tutorials, or step by steps, cause I'm not actually describing what I'm doing, or telling you how I'm doing it. Just. Pretty pictures?
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Thank you for your Helpful tutorial i needed this for my lemon leaves ♥ ill make sure to credit you when i follow your tutorial ♥

Thank you! I am glad people are still getting use out of these ^.^. Sorry I haven't logged in for a while...

Beautiful leaf and accents
Thank you!  These are so old.  I really need to make some new tutorials. . .
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Wow it's amazing! I really love how sparkly it is ~w~
There's just one thing wrong (or I find wrong) (Pls don't get mad ;w;) - The reflection on the last PP (Pretty Picture lol) is off - you should be able to see it more from the back (the back of the leaf. Sorry, can't English) and the lil water pond ("pond") shouldn't have a reflection like that at all (It pretty much looks like it's hovering in the air or smth)!
I'm not hating on you I'm just trying to help (It's probably from a very long time and you've probably saw your mistake though) and again - I absolutely love it!
I hope I helped with smth (or at least didn't ruin your mood ;w;w;)

P.S.: sorry for the bad English it's not my native language ^^"
(... also sorry for the long comment...)
Thank you for the reply!  I don't really plan on going back to this, but thanks for the feedback :D
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So SPARKLY!!! and PRETTY!!! I love it. Thanks for sharing :)
You're welcome :D
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This is sooo amazing!
Thank you very much it helps a lot :D
Have a nice day!
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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this is really nice, but why is the water blue? i'm just curious
Why not?  It's a cartoony design, and in general, water is depicted as blue in most cartoons.  Though I do realize, in such a small amount, it would be clear, I had fun making it blue.  Maybe it's an alien leaf :D  *really didn't put all that much thought into it, I was working up to a more involved project, shaking out the dust in my speed painting*
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OMG this It's very helpful and beautiful! Thank you so much!
I'm so happy you like it!
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This is beautiful, and you can just call it like 'leaf painting progress', or 'leaf painting process. :)
/or just tutorial because most deviants will be able to learn from this just fine; its very well done/
Thank you so much!  I loved making it ^.^
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no prob, thanks for uploading this, its helpful seeing how you colored it. :)
Yay!  I love hearing from you guys!
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what program do you use to make this?
Photoshop CS 5
How about a series of pretty pictures? Very nice - thank you!
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sparkly shiny lief _D <3 off to practice :D
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