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Gem Stone Step by Step

Not so much a tutorial, cause I didn't describe each and every step. More of a step by step, with some vague descriptions above and below the art.
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No problem!  One of these days I'll make some new ones of these :D
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That's Awesome .. It's really Helpful THANK YOU !!
I'm glad it helped you out :D
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thank you for sharing such a good knowledge
You are very welcome :D
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Thank you for not going "OMG YOU MUST USE DODGE!"

YOU have absolutely no idea how many different tutorials I ran into looking for proper painting lessons only to use dodge tool at the end for the glowy effect. You can get the same, less rubbery look with just a solid brush. :-D Or the soft brush. And high saturated colors. To me dodge and burn makes things overly saturated and overly desaturated, and if done too much, can make your work look like plastic. :|

Instant fav!
Yeah, I don't like dodge. And I've actually been getting away from overlay for the actual shade layer (though I still love it for the highlights ^.^) and moving more towards Multiply with either the same color as the base (or slightly darker, depending on what I'm doing), or a complementary color that works well with my color palate.  Mostly because it gives me a little more control.  That being said, I haven't made a tutorial with that method yet ;p 

Thank you so much for your reply!  It was a pleasure to see you enjoyed the tutorial!
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I might use this as water at first, well to me it looks like water droplets.
You can use the tutorial to learn anything you can :D  However it helps you.
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this is helpful :D
The blue is nice.
Thank you!  I just think its an easy color to see the shading on..
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I enjoy looking at these too :) The third gem is my favorite one, even if its the simplest! Thanks for sharing !
Thank you!  I enjoyed making them ^.^
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Thank you, this helped me alot, especially my oc has a gem necklace! :)
Thank you so much!
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