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Current Residence: Hokkaido, Japan
Personal Quote: Ship, let ship, and be merry, for tomorrow we may get a Book Four and God help us all if we do.

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No.2 pencil, micron pens .01-.05, tracing vellum, Artweaver, CanoScan LiDE90, Dell Latitude D630

Dynamic Robots

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It's been a while since I've written in this journal, but I think I've found a topic that should appeal to fans of FMA's automail, Leviathan's dieselpunk, and the Last Airbender series' upcoming steampunk influences (aka, most of my watchers): Robotics. Not hypothetical, future-tense robotics, but actual creations being cooked up by an actual robotics firm, as we speak.  Specifically, Boston Dynamics, an offshoot of MIT, which has been developing walking robots for years now.  I first heard about BD when they released videos of their BigDog four-legged prototype walker, and I was pretty excited when they came out with some footage of a two-
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Help Japan

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Over the last few days, I think everything that can be said, has been said.  My mother put it best, I think, when she pointed out to me that the response in Japan has been beautiful.  No looting, no reports of people hurting each other or capitalizing on this tragedy.  Just people pulling together, helping each other, braving their way through the catastrophe as best they can. People I haven't heard from in years have been contacting me to make sure I'm all right.  For the record, I moved back to the United States last August and am safely in California, far from the disaster.  No-one I know has been hurt, given that most of my acquaintances
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It's official. Mike and Bryan are working on a new series set in the Avatar universe. Everyone's wondering who Korra is, and many are speculating that s/he is a Water Avatar.  Some want him/her to be the child or grandchild of their favorite pairing.  Some want him/her to be the reincarnation of a character whose final outcome they didn't appreciate in the first series. Personally, I have one burning hope for this series, and only one.  And it's one that I haven't seen much online in the buzz of anticipation. Please, O Spirits of the Avatar World, let this series be set in the past. Yes, hundreds of years ago, before the world was broken
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Are you taking requests?

Can you please make more Toph and Teo fanfic drawings? I would love it if you did!
This is to inform you that I have added one or more of your deviations to my collection of possible art features for my new weekly Hicstrid feature project.  Please let me know if you do not wish for your art to be featured.
Hi Tobulshi,

          I love your artwork and its awesome with a capital A! Its great people like yourself that I'm so grateful and blessed in being a member of DEV ART so that I can see greatness everyday. I have a few of your fine work in my faves. Keep up the great work and God bless!
Thanks for the fav! :33
Are you ever going to continue the Kill Zuko comic? It's amazing and I want to read more.
umm hi! merr so i rp as jet on tumblr and like when someone rps there they use icons. and i was wondering if it would be ok to use the jetara kiss you drew, the one titles "Close your eyes..." for an icon?