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Shinobu Kizumonogatari

By tobuei
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Requested on /w/ a vector of Shinobu from the Monogatari series the source image looks to be from some sort of teaser art for the upcoming Kizumonogatari movies
I drew in the feet as well as the parts covered by the crows you can find a link to that version below.
see the source image here:…
Character cut-out and alternate sizes available here:…

Original by: Shaft
Vector by: Me

Vector files available on request.
All Vector traces or reproductions are technically still owned by the original artist so do not sell them.
If you are a owner of one of the original works that i have re-produced and you want it removed send me a note and i will happily comply. 
Want a higher resolution version of a vector? send me a note or leave a comment on the vector and i will get back to you.
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© 2015 - 2021 tobuei
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This looks great.
How did you manage to achieve that background?
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Hey there i can't really remember what i did exactly and i no longer have a active licence for adobe illustrator so i can't look in my files to see what i did exactly, but from what i remember and what i can see i made a gradient for the base then overlayed that splotchy pattern which may or may not be the result of filter which is either semi transparent or is a blend filter using multiply could also be lighten or overlay then basically used a shit tonne of gaussian blur,

sorry i can't remember more or that i can't check myself but im done giving money to adobe, they make great programs but deep down are the devil.
if you want to check it out yourself here is the link to the file…
if the link doesn't work let me know and ill try uploading elsewhere.
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It makes sense. I think I got the general idea/process through the guesswork explanation.

And I agree about Adobe, they're like a bad guy in a b-grade sci-fi movie that invents something "for the greater good of the world" but then spins it's evil technology and enslaves everyone.
That's why I'm using my institute-of-choice's computers with a licence.

Anyway, Thanks for the link as well (it works), I'll definitely check it out.
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This is absolutely amazing! I love it. Any plans to do the same with Kizu part 2's?
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I had to google it because i had not seen it and i gotta say i am definitely interested.
rickyhorror's avatar
That would be awesome!
EX7RA's avatar
wowww iwow is amazing, thanks for you work
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Not gonna spoil it for people, but part 1 was pretty good. Saw this in poster form at the theater. Faithfully detailed conversion, nice job!
tobuei's avatar
Thanks, ah lucky you i am mad jelly hopefully the blurays don't take too long to come out as I doubt we will see a theatrical release here in Australia and even though ill be in Japan next month I also doubt they have a subtitled version :p (Lick) 
ak399's avatar
Yeah, no subtitles; luckily it's dialogue-light and the Japanese I do know served me well enough to understand.
Blackmoon329's avatar
Absolutely brilliant, fantastic work! :)
tobuei's avatar
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There's now a new key visual over at and I would loooooooove to have a high-res version of it!!!

this vector you made is so amazing... Using it on my phone's qhd Start screen !
tobuei's avatar
Actually never mind i think i found it… this one?
LiShaolan's avatar… is the original file, the one you showed is the same, dunno if they resized it on ANN
tobuei's avatar
Yeah they look the same, anyway the image got requested on the /w/ vector board over on 4chan and i am currently working on another shinobu vector so i may not get to do this one, but if no one picks it up by the time i have finished my current one ill give it a go. 
LiShaolan's avatar
Thank you so much, and anyway it's always nice to see new high-res Shinobu :-) which original image are you working on if I may ask?

There's also this awesome new VoFan art of Kiss Shot…
tobuei's avatar this is the one im currently vectoring, gotta love VoFan's artwork :)
LiShaolan's avatar
Sorry this is the correct link :
tobuei's avatar
Thanks, I am very interested in that other key visual do you have another link that one didn't lead to anything
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Looks great, I really like this one.
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A giant laminated print of this would look amazing.
Demonessyume's avatar
My first thought as well. A framed print would be awesome. Fantastic work, tobuei.
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