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VISBOT Coming off H

By tobsiv
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visbot #18

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I'm sorry, But the whole pack is kind of a dissapointment.

the only half-cool preset is burnt celluloid, barrier (ok, nice tech, but the colors...) and the intro (although the intro isn't very reactive on the sound.)
the only real cool preset is the last one
I'm used to get more from visbot-packs.
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my fav:
- funkus: old-skool fractal tree into avs! most innovative preset
- daydreamer: relaxing, live the lights
- axis: nice colors here
- warfighter: minimalistic. i love the sprectrum analyzer coding here
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very nice pack, i wasn't expecting it to be this good to be honest.

:bulletblack: 01 framey - visbot 18 intro while technically not at all bad, the intro is not my cup of tea..
:bulletblack: 02 yathosho vs framey vs yathosho - burnt celluloid (version) it's grungy and flows nicely, but the greenish stuff throws it off a little.
:bulletblack: 03 grandchild - havoc on ice yeah, the colours... i really have to study that - i can't make interesting colours for the life of me :|
:bulletblack: 04 pure-krypton & micro.d - tv store (synth-c remix) nice idea with the scope, but otherwise i've seen this one far too often by now...
:bulletblack: 05 avs-king - tunnelvision (dynamic duo rework for hi-res) simple and nice - textures are great like always :)
:bulletblack: 06 framey - axis interesting, especially the colours - looks artsy ;) well done!
:bulletblack: 07 synth-c - funkus i've seen the several incarnations of this one, and it has come a long way stylistically. good texer work! impressive coding as well obviously.
:bulletblack: 08 zamuz - daydreamer aaah. this man has done it again. a very fine and simple preset with great subtle colouring (i really do envy your ability to pull that off time and again). i think it's my favourite of this pack. it's not only a superb animation but it makes a really great visualization to just watch and dream :)
:bulletblack: 09 yathosho - sail away (waverider remix by zamuz) and the next bomb right away, a close second place for me in this pack.
:bulletblack: 10 yathosho - softsex (nite version) sorry, but no. these colours are not for me.
:bulletblack: 11 synth-c - barrier this again is nice, a typical synth-c preset i'd say.
:bulletblack: 12 zamuz - warfighter perhaps a tiny bit too simple, but very great nonetheless, the colours and the stylish appearance make it a winner.
:bulletblack: 13 dynamic duo - hypersonic ii (fake onionring rmx - alternate version) while i can see some folks here and there liking it, i don't. too busy both on colours and shapes.
:bulletblack: 14 visbot allstars - new horizons (alternate version) the perfect closing preset. classic and trippy. i love it :)

obviously i'm a big fan of zamuz' stuff, he really made the pack for me. all of his were pretty original too, especially daydreamer.
but in general i'm very pleased with this one again. i know i only made one preset, and i should have done more - but i like that one a lot.
next time with "the D" as well hopefully :D
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great stuff!

:bulletblack:Havoc On Ice
i agree with frames-of-reality, Grandchild can do very best stuff than this one.

:bulletblack: TV Store (Synth-C remix)

whoa i like this one, very cool colors and the texture is very nice!


oh my fav on this pack, i love the blue you have used here..very good Zamuz!


oh, i always liked the 3D Stuff, the only thing is i don't liked the colors here, but that's good...

ok, those are my opinions.. good pack,
i hope one day i'll be there!
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Great work guys!
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i'm a bit disppointed by the aesthetics, too many brown socks in this one. where did all the colors go?

havoc on ice - apart from the uninspired coloring, i agree with zamuz on the background. would love to see a second version some time, this could be a nice one!

axis - same as above. has potention, but the colors ruin it all. interesting effect though.

daydreamer - simple and sweet, nothing spectacular either (doesn't have to be)

sail away remix - butter! love it!

barrier - i always fall for that kinda stuff, nice!

warfighter - i'd love to mess this up with a remix

i guess if everybody would start their presets a bit earlier (opposed to last minute), the looks wouldn't suffer that much!
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Awesome stuff!

Havoc on Ice is out of this world, lots of fun stuff going on. The last texer2 that gives the finishing touch is nice too, although you could've used a bigger image - it already gets almost annoyingly blurry at 400x300. Still, definitely one of my favorites here.

Axis is another favorite. The colors are great, and the balance of smooth and rough edges really works.

Funkus is awesome, lovely colors, beautiful shapes.

Softsex is great, I love the colors. I'd remove one or two Convo filters, but that's just a minor nag.

Barrier is crazy. I love the colors and everything that going on in it, another favorite.

I only wish more people had participated this time, specially our new member MicroD.

Fantastic pack, congratulations to everyone!
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intro - not my best work, better with pixel doubling enabled
burnt celluloid - awesome all the way
havoc on ice - maybe not up to gc's recent high standards, but it's still a good preset
tv store - nice colors, decent remix
tunnelvision - meh
axis - i'm proud of this one
funkus - skupers-ish, really good, great colors
daydreamer - hmm listening to alec empire while watching this is a bit morbid, nonwtheless still a great preset
sail away rmx - i adore this one. simple, effective, would look great on a big screen
softsex (nite) - you and yr pixels...
barrier - woha. great preset, i would've used different colors tho. i must remix this one
warfighter - hard to form an opinion on this one, would be better with a nice fat scope in the middle
hypersonic ii rmx - good one, fullscreen is great
new horizons - i like the version on the vb orkest better, but this is still good

overall, a really good pack, worthy of the visbot brand.
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