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The VISBOT Collection

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Since we converted #visbot from a user to a group a while ago, we can no longer update most of those old installers. Instead, we packed all those compilations in just one installer. To be more specific, here's a list of what's included.

-VISBOT: The First Season
-VISBOT: Watch Out For This Logo
-VISBOT meets Finnish Flash
-VISBOT: The Second Season
-VISBOT: Swindle All The Way
-VISBOT: Meat To Please You
-VISBOT: Better Eight Than Never
-VISBOT: The Third Season
-VISBOT: Meeting Old Friends In A Phone Booth
-VISBOT: The Fourth Season
-VISBOT: Twopointoh
-VISBOT: Smells, Bells and Presets
-VISBOT: Fifteen
-VISBOT: Exit Claus
-VISBOT: The Least Random Number
-VISBOT: Coming Off H
-VISBOT: 1999 A.D.
-VISBOT: 20/10 Vision

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Enjoy and visit us for more of this!
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