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SmartNote 1.0

By Tobliug
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A simple Smart Note, with no use of Notepad.
Add, change and remove a note directly form the desktop

This is my first rainmeter skin. Feel free to leave comment !
This is a Fresh and French Skin. (and sorry for my english ;-) )

How this stuff works : 
1- Press + button to add a new note (you can add up to 10 notes)
2- Enter your note and press Enter to validate (click out to cancel)
3- Click on an existing note to modify it
4- Mouse over the left part of a note and click to delete a note
© 2014 - 2021 Tobliug
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Had this for a few years now. Really nice skin. All of a sudden it only shows one note on the desktop even though in the settings it has other entries, Anyone know why? Thanks in advance!!!

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I'll test it.

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I love this skin, been using it for years. Very nice!

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I want to install 2 list how can i do that

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Would love a feature to Shift Enter to enter table values and such

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Has anyone figured out how to add more than 10 notes? Love the skin man, use it every day, I just need more space :)

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go to the skin,press "edit" then set the value higher as u want and then add the notes in the bottom,just copy past with just changing number (sorry for my english) :3

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this is just what i was looking for man

thaanks a heeapp

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I am using this everyday, thank you for creating this. <3

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Hi! For some reason, I'm unable to delete my notes? Like, when I move my mouse over the left part of the note, nothing happens. I can't see an option to click delete.
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Thank you so much! This is a great skin, I love how simple it is.
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Really awesome! Easily customisable, and very simple to use.

My favourite way of keeping notes.
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really great, simple and fast. Working fine, thanks.
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