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[Y/N]'s pace quickened as she walked toward her boyfriend for approximately a year, Oikawa Tooru's house. She had heard all about the big game he had yesterday; Oikawa begged her to go.. Yet she wasn't able to make it, because of a family issue. Oh how terrible she felt; her wanted to be there for him, especially since she had found out they lost.

Oikawa was one to take things too hard. Though [Y/N] hasn't seen the brunet cry for a real reason; it still hurt her. Even if it came from Iwaizumi headbutting him, it still hurt to see her boyfriend in any sort of pain.

Approaching the home much more quickly, she soon enough made it to the front door. A hand raised, and gently knocked against the wood of the entrance.

"Tooru? Are you home?"

The girl called, [E/C] orbs blinking as she stood for a few moments. Silence. This caused some concern to rise in [Y/N], and she knocked a second time, calling the boy's name.

He was home, of course. He was just.. aching. He couldn't make himself move to see his beloved, his large calloused hands were grasping the sink in order to prop himself up. His ears perked at the sound of the front door opening and closing, then at the sound of [Y/N]'s sweet voice.

"Tooru? The door was unlocked,"

The [H/C] haired girl entered, and only much as a grunt came from the bathroom. [Y/N] kicked her shoes off, the light pattering of her bare feet hitting the floor could be heard as she walked toward the room he was in. For a moment; Oikawa looked up in to the mirror, attempting that charming smile that all of his fans adored, but it wouldn't show. He had tear stained cheeks, and his eyes were bloodshot.

[Y/N] opened her mouth at the sight she saw, eyebrows quirking upward at him. Tooru didn't say anything, he didn't even look back at her.. Not because she had missed his game, because she would've thought he was pathetic when playing, but because he was just simply defeated.

[Y/N]'s eyes scanned him.. His shirt was off, his muscles shaking. Scratches from her fingernails along his shoulder blades from previous nights that were shared with him exposed, that made her near pale cheeks flush, though she was too built up in concern to really mind. Her [E/C] eyes traveled down his arms to his hands that were prying him up, and she took a few steps forward, Oikawa's body trembling.

Then he felt heat press against his torso, realising his girlfriend was hugging him from behind, and her thin arms wrapped around him, touching his stomach. His brown eyes widened, and he bit down, jaw clenching as she pressed sweet kisses against the skin of his bare back.

"I'm so proud of you, Tooru. Really, I am."

Legs began to quake, eyes filling with tears as a shaky voice whispered out;


The girl was silent, as he cursed under his breath, hands gripping the china harder than before.

"Don't you understand, [Y/N]? We lost. Every inch of it was because of me."

Then his girlfriend rested her chin against his back, staring up at the ceiling and she began to speak.

"Tooru. Why do you think that?"

He let out a frustrated sigh, the tears that built up finally falling, rolling down his cheeks and hitting the counter of the sink.

"All of my serves.. My tosses.. Were all off. Iwaizumi c-couldn't hit any of them.. Neither could any of my teammates.. All of the serves were out. I-I feel.."

[Y/N] raised a petite hand to the chocolate locks of her lover, running gentle fingertips through it, as she whispered into his skin to turn around to face her. And so he did, long legs forcing themselves to turn, before his feet were completely aligned with hers. Oh, she was so beautiful. [H/C] locks framing her face perfectly, head cocked upward to look him in the eyes. She raised her arms, hands cupping the setter's face, slender thumbs stroking and wiping the tears from his cheeks. His thin lips parted, and he whispered;


Then tears flowed freely from him, sobbing noises wracking against his rib cage, and he hunched himself forward, burying his nose in the crook of [Y/N]'s neck. Hot salty tears ran down her skin, and his long arms thrusted her inward, hugging her tightly to his chest. She extended her arms around his torso, pressing kisses against his chest as he cried.

"I love you, Tooru."

"I'm so proud of you, Tooru."

"I love you so much. "

The girl cooed, and he felt his heart escalate as she whispered these sweet things to him. He pulled away, some of the tears gone, but some dripping off his chin. The he grabbed her by the waist, and her brows arched in a confused way, until he pulled their lips in to a rough kiss.

His lips pressed against [Y/N]'s harshly, and the tiny female raised her hands to catch themselves in his hair. This kiss was built up from all of the anger, frustration.. and sadness that he felt when he lost, and as she kissed him back, he moved forward, backing her into the closest wall. His hands lowered, catching her legs before pinching the skin of her thighs, earning a squeak from his lovely girlfriend. Raising her leg on instinct, Oikawa made himself small, then raised her leg to go around his hip, and then the other joined. She was wrapped around him completely, and was cupping his face as she kissed him less hungrily. He got his hands caught in her [H/L] [H/C] hair, and nudged himself forward, face flushing as she stroked his cheek, her lips moving slowly against his. The kiss began to soften, but the softer it became, the louder his pulse became in his ears. Their lips were genuine now, kissing out of love instead of the frustration that was tearing him apart, and as he realised this, he broke for air, resting his forehead against hers as he gazed at her longingly.


The girl whispered, fiery blush apparent on her face from the heated kiss.

"I love you.."

Those words made him dive in again, for only a few seconds, and he parted again, in the same position.

"And you're not pathetic."
Ahh here idk i really felt like writing today anD WOW OIKAWA IS SUCH A HOTTIE but also my trash bb~
I hope you guys enjoyed this! If any of you would like to request a oneshot idea, please comment below, I would really appreciate it!!
Thanks for reading~
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I love this! :DD

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really nice writing! i loved this
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This was truly amazing. The words you used and also how you described Reader-chan and Oikawa were perfect. I like it very much ~ :)
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yeS oikawa in pain gives me life thank you~☆
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This was splendiferous and I reserve that word for things that are super amazing. It tugged at my heart's strings and depicted an accurate portrayal of what being his girlfriend would be like and his emotions. The details helped me immerse myself and I most definitely enjoyed reading it :)
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OMGG thank you so much
I sound so much different when not actually writing but i really appreciate it thank you so so much
im so glad you enjoyed it~!!!!!!
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You're welcome! Hahaha, it's okay. I have the same thing when writing vs speaking. My writing is immensely formal, but when I talk it's the opposite. You're writing and regular self both sound pleasant 👍 
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I don't know whether to cry or laugh or whatever other emotions--- there's so much swirling around wow what a great piece-- simply amazing ;;^;; //throws flowers at you
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Ahh thank you wow eep im so happy omfg Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
I was rly inspired by this one art thing i saw on tumblr and I wAS LIKE WOW LETS MAKE THAT IN TO A THING
but rly thank you so much asfkgl;
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eyeyeyye this is really greaat ;d 
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wow thank you liebe im really glad you liked it~!! c;
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