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Published: April 25, 2008
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Haha! Well, this is random! xD

Oh, how I do miss Dei. T.T

And Tobi being comedic and goofy. (He's being chased by bees, by the way. Reminds me of myself when I went to my aunt's wedding, and for whatever unknown reason, felt throwing rocks at a beehive was a good idea) :lmao:

It's been so long since I've drawn these two. I was going through withdrawal. xD

Anyway, sorry my lines are so shaky. I just started being able to hold a pencil again. (For those who don't already know, my drawing hand had a bit of an accident with a cheese grater) xD It still hurts, but at least I can draw again...kinda. ^^

And ho, ho, ho, I have a lot of stuff to do today. Being that I haven't been on this account in THREE frickin days! >.<

Ah, well. I'm back. And I'll probably be spending the whole day answering all these messages. xD

Tobi and Deidara (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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Comments (299)
Dragon-Art14's avatar
Dragon-Art14|Student General Artist
And Deidara's all "Help yourself." :P
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nona49er's avatar
Deidara: No, un.
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xoxoAnimeLoverxoxo's avatar
xoxoAnimeLoverxoxo|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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jennyjigsaw222's avatar
jennyjigsaw222|Student Traditional Artist
deidara's har in the drawing is just like mine right now!i means its soo damn pointy ponytail XD
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amaya-ruki's avatar
amaya-ruki|Student Artist
:3 I love Dei XD tobi if your really a good boy you wouldn't throw rocks at bees XD
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LumpkinZ's avatar
LumpkinZ|Student Digital Artist
:icontobiplz::iconsaysplz:No! Sempai was a good sempai just like Tobi is a good boy!
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Digital-Dragon-Tamer's avatar
lol! I miss diedara too, but i wont forgive him for trying to blow up gaara. twice!!!
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DoubleDFanGirl101's avatar
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IIsACreep's avatar
lol thats awesome. <3
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Kunai-Kurenai's avatar
Kunai-Kurenai|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL I love DeiDei's annoyed look. Priceless!
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Stinger22005's avatar
Lol. I could see that happening.
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pinkandblackcat's avatar
LMAO! I Love It! ^_~
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pinkandblackcat's avatar
Your Welcome ^_~
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StykX's avatar
Ahhh, Deidara's face XDD
That's like my when I hear the word 'Short' or 'School' XDDDDD
Reply  ·  
kailyangel's avatar
:lmao: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
and I miss dei-dei too T-T
Reply  ·  
angiep830's avatar
Lol!! That is soo adorable and funny, I love it! ^_^
Reply  ·  
OmegaBlue69's avatar
Cute pic, good job :thumbsup:

And throwing a rock at a beehive is a good idea, it helps you to learn not to do that.
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aumym's avatar
aumym|Student Digital Artist
Ahhh, Tobi looks so cute, and so so Deidara :P
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Haruno--Sakura's avatar
Haruno--Sakura|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol this is too funny :+fav:
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PsychoBoss's avatar
PsychoBoss|Student General Artist
lol ^_^ That's awesome
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silvershadow00's avatar
zomg deidaras face is classical!!
(sorry bout your hand!! i know what its like to loose the ability to draw due to accidents T_Tthat cheese grater must have really had it in for you! lol)
n e ways its too cute!! i love when tobi and shino fight lol he may be the akatsuki leader but deep down hes still the ol' tobi we know and love^^
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noah9100's avatar
was sooooooo
especially when he explodes himself?
it's supa cool
I can't believe toby's power is so great when we never expected
he has Uchiha midara's power XD
I wish they would reborn all the characters and make like a whole new series called ninja school days (in high school XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
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Rairox64's avatar
Rairox64|Student Traditional Artist
lol, Deidara's face expression is priceless!!!!

Very funny, I love your humor XDDD;;
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