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Started using tumblr recently which I've been trying to update daily! If anyone is bored enough it's at:

Also, sorry for the art spam!
I didn't know anyone still checked my page still haha, I'll try to stop being lazy and update this more.
Just wanted to know, does anyone have a table at AX this year? And if so, please let me know! I'm trying to make a checklist because I'm quite horrible at finding people haha..

I'll be at E25 with :iconzemotion: if anyone is interested, bring a psp with monster hunter and we'll all play!
:iconzemotion: has a little announcement to make, mostly concerning awesome Canadians and other kinds of north americans. check it out…

And some buddies of mine are trying to make an artbook:
please check it out and back them if you feel like!

And also, I've decided to try to update here more regularly from now on, although if anyone cares I will probably be updating my blog more often (pretty much daily when I can) which can be found here!


..i have a twitter if anyone is interested in entertaining me during work..
just wanna know who's goin this saturday! cuz i am! and so is :iconzemotion:!
just saying! ;D

btw, is anyone going to Anime Expo?
i am!
haha =D
This weekend is NYAF time, where YOSHITAKA AMANO will be!! =DDD I'll be there sitting next to :iconmogimogi: n :iconkakakairu: in the artist alley somewhere tryin to make enough money for the bus fare back home HAHA so if anyone happens to be around, drop by table 68 whereever that is. =) I also have my other canadian buddies there: :iconningyee7::iconletz::iconchanpart:

ALSO, there is this site called CG Hub, where there's a ridiculous number of awesome artists already there, so go n sign up cuz I already did.

cg hub:
my page on cg hub:

ALSO, There is an artbook coming out called Art Squared, n I was lucky enough to have some of my stuff included there, so if you see it someday..yeah I dunno haha.

art squared:

I said alot of stuff!
Ahh yeah back from Paris, which is quite a super cool place, really makes me want to live there! Gobelins is also a school with ridiculously great artists, I would love to join that school given the opportunity and the funds haha. Google it to see how cool the school is.

MM also no money cuz of Paris and tablet is broken cuz I'm abusive so no more cgs for me for another little while haha. But that's alright since I should start drawing again with real pencils and real paints like real artists should be doing!!

So yeah, can't update much here except with maybe old cgs so if you're bored you can go to my little drawing blog
it's been a super long time since I've been here last, as usual D:.

I am officially a graduate now! and the first thing I'll be doin is going to France!! starting tomorrow haha!! =D

And since I won't be able to go to AX this year , for anyone goin go bug :iconningyee7:, :iconletz:, :iconkakakairu:, and :iconmogimogi: for prints!

And if anyone still comes here (HAHA) I guess I have a blog where I put random stuff. Someday I'll update here again haha.

After France.
And :iconmogimogi:made me a new avatar wahaha thankya very much! Gloomy bear is pretty awesome =)

Things to check out:
:iconsheridanartists: cuz our school is cool
:icondareviews: cuz they asked
Please check out my friend's page, he needs money cuz he's a hobo so he's doing commissions
GO TO :iconhobobox: and :iconsheridanartists:

there, my only journal entry