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random layout

By tobiee
not thaat random i guess
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Looks like the Mensix Mining Station from Star Wars. :)
JoanGuardiet's avatar
Great work, I like your approach on landscapes :)
wokietokie's avatar
yea, it kinda looks like that place on Star Wars episode III, that volcano world one,,
eWKn's avatar
Like those colors man! good work.
Check out my gallery if you got time someday ;>
silverfoxtaicho's avatar
reminds me of starwars lolo
Katsumiyo's avatar
Very nice, the lava (?) makes for such an interesting picture. I love the contrast of the lava and fog.
ayuICHI's avatar
Ooh that is just gorgeous. :D <3
pecellele's avatar
cool enviromental concept....
Psycho-Gaze's avatar
Just like a Wright house! Only in the future. And inconveniently placed.
hhryah's avatar
Great detail and color scheme!
MostAcidic's avatar
I hate when you upload, man. Reminds me how I don't deserve to call myself an artist.
xKaix's avatar
that's really great
it reminds me of paul lasaine's concept art for lord of the rings, you handle colors in a similar way i think
U-R-IU's avatar
=D muito bom mesmo! ( really good! )

BrenGun's avatar
wow very cool!!!!!!!
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RKdiaComics's avatar
You do great futuristic cities.
Teendrinking's avatar
chocsox's avatar
wow. are you doing these pictures for a reason. it's like a sudden surge of a different style. whats it for?
nightmaresky's avatar
constantsurprises's avatar
Mustafar? It's so beautiful
gr4y-inu's avatar
is it You?
constantsurprises's avatar
@.@ nu muh name is Cocky, Cocky Asian McWhitey.
Sven16's avatar
Looks like the place from the end of Star Wars Episode 3.

Crappy movie, sweet pic nonetheless. Nice.
Einstein-Groovin's avatar
This reminds me of Magmoor Caverns in Metroid Prime. Awesome!
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