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so obviously 300 inspired!
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I used your painting for a track I made…
This is AWESOME!

What would it cost to use this piece of art as a CD-Cover??
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i like the water color texture to it.
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too epic for words.......................................................................
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We want more! :D How did u made that gold?
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Well this is one of the most bad-ass things I've ever seen. And I've played Dead Space.
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I love this :) Great job! I really liked the detail on the demon-like creature, and the armour is SUPER sweet! Keep it up!
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This is very good art! Keep it up mate.
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i know this is going to seem silly, but hey, if i dont ask i will never know, what programe did you use on this piece please ? i am really intrested in digital art, and just starting out , i dont have much knowledge of how to do it or anything, could you give me advice doing it please? and recommend any books and dvds that can also help me plz? i have photoshop cs4 if that helps, thank you, crease x
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Epic sweet art :D But whats's that thing the dudes fighting? The cloverfield monster?
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I saw this on ImagineFX
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not rly 300-ish the helm sends me to some other anime/movie thingy.. can't remember which tho... :(

a... Cool 300 inspired painting!! :D
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nice job kinda looks like a white spiderman suit
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Do I detect some Resistance: Fall of man, Inspiration in there?
I bloody love it!!! action packed, cool style- it looks a bit like an old master has gone forward in time and branched out a bit.. if that makes any sense. I first was reminded of the old Spawn character rather than 300, because of the billowing angled cloak with a life of its own, and the black alien features of the closer combatant. faves :D
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Woooooow *amazed* that's brutal!
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This is death in all its 300 forms! Yay death lol!
Anyways, I like the contrast between light and dark in this piece. It's really effective on the eyes!
But I were you going for the thick brush strokes in this?
If so, I think that it really gave it a battleworn look, like it was on display as a paintingin a museum.
If not, maybe you might like to try a photoshop of some sort?

Sorry to essay write on you like that, seroiusly, it is really good :)
So obviously hardcore!
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would not have guessed 300... awesome all the same
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freaking awesome
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...but you could have improve the birds ;)
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impressive !
love the textures on that picture !
it's dramatic and dynamic
congrats ! ;) fav +
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