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covered up guy

yup, pretty covered up
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Amazing work! Worship 
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Kinda reminds me of assassins creed and soul calibur
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WoW!! Cool! I love this character so much!! :love:
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I don't think I've ever mentioned this so I'm going to correct that mishap.

From the moment I saw this image, I was absolutely transfixed. I am an aspiring author and for a reason that can only be attributed to fate, I came upon this image and instantly, it brought me together with an idea that was more a concept, the idea of a grand story than an actual scenario with only one fixed character in it that had always been in my head.

Since then, (and that was a couple of years back), I've come back to this image so often that I can't even count the occasions anymore. The concept became the largest enterprise I have ever undertaken. The story has been building since then and if the first drafts were composed about a year back, the actual official writing began only three weeks ago. And, amidst school and a million other distracting elements, I've managed to produce 4500 words that I am increasingly proud of.

Now this might be meaningless but here's the catch; this piece of art is the practically spitting image of the very character I was searching to depict in my story. He displays the same focused pride, the same self-assuredness and the same general aura that I was aiming for. And he's always had a very similar costume which made it all the more awesome when I "met" your covered up guy for the first time.

Now I hope I'm not sounding impertinent or plagiaristic or anything because frankly, I simply wished to impart how heavily this image impacted my life and the greatest project I've ever taken on. I'm still a long way from even hoping to get published but nevertheless, I wanted to let you know, regardless of the book ever becoming successful or your reading it in the event that it should. Or even your reading the comment, seeing as you most likely already have many to read and this one turned out quite lengthy.
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If you've ever played Prince of Persia - Warrior Within
You would see the Striking resemblance between this guy and the Raiders...
Great art!
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This is really cool!
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think it has to be one of my favourites.....
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seems like a "baddy" from prince of persia
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that's a pretty tight concept character... for some reason, it reminds me of Shredder from TMNT, except like... his good-guy twin...

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Such a cool art here, been watching your gallery from quite some time but this is my very first comment to you. Your skills are hella good, keep up the great work!

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This has to be my favorite character concept i've seen from you so far O.o

i really like the focus in and out, and the dynamic walk towards the camera.

Thumbs up! it's good stuff
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kind of reminds me of captain soifon from bleach :o
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nice job kinda looks like assassin's creed
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Now thats a cool thing :airborne:
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I wonder if he wants to get more clothes.
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well done ! the guy is really cool 8D
he looks like guys in vidéo games *o*
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i dno man, out of all your stuff ive seen this one still gets to me most.

and its the first one i saw from you too. lol
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It reminds me to one of those poor persians Leonidas slaughtered on 300. Those poor things...
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reminds me a little bit of assassins creed
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Kick ass! I love it!
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The movement in this is wicked! Love love
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