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haha i took my roommate's tablet for this
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so f.... amazing!
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Awesome work. Good layout and choice of colours. Very well composed.
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Love that transparent red :)
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Love it, you can take your roomate's tablet more often!
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Those mountains are very phallic, and she is pretty naked.
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i'd climb her mountains if you know what i mean.
eOne-e1's avatar
she got sick the day after climbing mountains naked hehe

i like this pic a lot
she has a nice shape, i can digg it! lol.
So lovely and soft
MonkeyDomi's avatar
It's amazing how much I love all your work... Splendid :heart:
buyobabyboo's avatar
amazing scenaray =3 and a nakey person with a scarf~ lol
sakusen's avatar
Epic. So damn epic.
I love your work.
Psycho-Gaze's avatar
She's a semi-nudist with only a somewhat transparent large red cloth as clothing....
She fights crime!
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It was definitely worth the swipe! You are simple a master of lighting!
judgmentcain's avatar
That just plain HAS to be chilly out there >.< How... why... what sequence of events and/or state of mind would place a person in that situation? o_O Though, undeniably, it is a beautiful image. Excellent work, as always.
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Brilliant piece!
mags-duranb's avatar
AWESOME, and that naked little person has caught my attention *.*
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you won't want to take your eyes off of it
Engelen's avatar
it looks sexy!
narutofanx100's avatar
For some reason this reminds me of Jade Empire.
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