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custom brushes and lens flare!
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this is amazing
JoanGuardiet's avatar
Great work, love your landscapes!
vashperado's avatar
thats really amazing
amosa's avatar
wow this is the first time i've seen lense-flare used well
Alienette's avatar
You're featured in my news article Blue Art [link]
BlueSnowGiesha's avatar
hello! this has been featured in Best In Blue! [link]
TheTrashCaretaker's avatar
I think the way you used the blue tones in this work very well. Nice piece!
VeshWolfe's avatar
excellent work. reminds me of something, just cant place it.
higheternity's avatar
The structure on the right constantly draws my eye with those geometric marks near the windows. I love following the lines and texture on this piece.
mintyoreo's avatar
This reminds me of the great studio ghibli movie Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, I feel like I can see an Ohm! lol it's great
spunkyK101's avatar
It's so amazing my eyes are hurting. Everything is completely sharp...and so blue!
TatsubeiYagyu's avatar
You are probably one of my absolute top fave artists in the world. :|
Katsumiyo's avatar
Those are some really nice brushes, then. :o
ktshy's avatar
Incredible! So cool :D
Seeso2D's avatar
I adore your color modes ,man
HiroDaZero's avatar
what type of brush do you use? your drawings are so unique
skyrose's avatar
Have you posted a painting-in-progress tutorial yet? I would really love to see a series of in-progress shots on any of your paintings just to see the process behind the magic. They're just as artful and captivating as a traditional painting, and that seems hard to do digitally.

In this specific painting, I think your textures and brushes are beautiful. I love the red spots. The only thing that doesn't fit is the flare, I think because it's the only soft-edged thing in the image. Maybe try experimenting with making a flare-like object with hard brushes? :)
tobiee's avatar
Thanks! noo i havent haha. whenever I'm painting a piece, i never seem to think of taking screenshots to show progress haha. yeahh I did the lensflare because the rest of the painting was done using brushes which can imply detail and texture n things but are really fast to use. thanks for the suggestion! I'll try to try it out if i can figure out how to make it haha
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that's awesome, dude.
jdarko82's avatar
That's nice... All done in Ps, which is amazing
QueenGwenevere's avatar

Pretty nifty despite the flare-abuse, though... I like the doodly textural bits especially.

Hmm, somebody here objects to the light orange spots. I dunno. If you DON'T have them, the thing would be too monotonously blue...
alexpal's avatar
You should work for comics, man!
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