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big guy

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looks kinda generic, but it's a practice!

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whywhyohfieHobbyist General Artist
I see what you're saying. But then again there's really nothing generic about it, lol. I feel pulled, if not for the very fact of its' vagueness, and .. impressionistic-ism-ness?? It just ... keeps...drawing me in :P 

I think I'm going to FAV this  o,o 
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TheAspiringWriterHobbyist Digital Artist
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gigijhonsonStudent Digital Artist
It's the bad guy from Sponge Bob
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godeyesHobbyist General Artist
well.......that cant be good....
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Terry-P Digital Artist
looks kinda scary, which also means awesome :D
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fire giants from Nausicaa, Mononokehime and Evangelion? Most definitely the Overfiend from Urotsukidoji above all though.
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The pollution fed the monster, making him grow bigger and more powerful with every passing moment. Mankind had no idea what their disregard for nature had wrought...

This is an excellent piece of work. Amazing brush strokes :)
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I'm trying to teach myself photoshop so I hope you don't mind me asking but do you simply use generic photoshop brushes or...?
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GeniusFetusProfessional Digital Artist
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So foreboding. Your style's so fluid and impressionistic--I love it.
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JonasDeRoProfessional Digital Artist
wow lovely, may I ask the secret of your brushwork?
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What tools do you use to create your art? You're amazing.
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markanthonycruzHobbyist Filmographer
Nice! makes me think of Cthulhu or a giant Mothman. :)
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Generic???? This is a masterpiece in my book!
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this kinda reminds me of the great forrest spirit from princess mononoke. :D
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Giga-roboStudent Digital Artist
it simply exwisite ...or howere u wanna spell it. but seriously. wow. i had a dream about this too. how weird huh? except i was a super hero and it was midnight in japan and the giant was a hollow. and we were by that weird antenna thingy. idk... but sick deviation dude.
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Swords-and-BandagesHobbyist Writer
Makes me think of Devil May Cry. Awesome work.
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MarieGrey Digital Artist
Brilliant <3
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Very full of awesome. I like the sepia-tone futuristic vibe.
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The colors look so great in this, well-done. :D
SplitEnds's avatar
Lovely contrasts. Big 'evil' beings vs. city always has a place in my heart, too. x)
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i like it

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Psycho-GazeHobbyist Digital Artist
Not bad; not bad at all for a practice!
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I love the texture!
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