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big blue

looks like kaneda vs dr manhatten or something haha
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You really don't know who I am? Genie, lamp, wishes; none of that ringing a bell?
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Cool piece! What did you use to make the "dotty" effect on the big, blue giant? The ArtRage sticker tool?
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Seriously awesome!! Osterman doesn't look quite happy to see him, though
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Love the textures in this!
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very imaginative concept mixing, few elements but intense, anatomy very studied, love that light pixel sources and the (in)credible perspective!

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awesome. and i agree with your comment.
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I really like the brushes used for the skin textures. Good shtuff
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It also looks like the last you see of the bad guy in the Disney Atlantis movie, right before he dies. Just throwin' it out there.
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hehe - I do not know who looks more surprised ;)
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Wow!! Nice work! I love the textures
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hahahahah dr.manhatten vs kaneda xDDD
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i love it! awesome
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its dr manhattan after you tried to ignore his glowing blue package of justice !
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Wow. This is spectacular :ahoy: :tux: !
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would it be too much if ive asked for a tutorial... pleaase?
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Amazingly awesome. I love Watchmen and Akira.
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hhmm I thought that lil guy on the bike looked familiar when I enlarged it. KANEDA!

amazing artwork!
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i love everything about it! exept a litle bit the mouth, take it as a constructive coment :D
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feel like he staring into my eyes.... */scared

N---Nice shot !!
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I support Kaneda vs Manhattan XD
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