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angry face
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© 2007 - 2019 tobiee
just a mean looking face haha
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Comments (80)
MCFatosch's avatar
MCFatosch|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like this style very much, art of coloring etc.
Can u make a tut for it :P ?
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Ankelwar's avatar
WoW!! Awesome drawing!! :love:
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Hawk4's avatar
Hawk4|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is my favorite piece in your gallery, it has a very strong feeling to it I cant explain

You made my curious .... you draw in Painter or Photoshop ?
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fangedwolf's avatar
fangedwolf|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This reminds me of the 11th Captain Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach. So cool *adds to favourites*
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Revereor's avatar
Revereor|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He does not approve.
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Pandora-intheSKY's avatar
I can't believe I'm the first of say this... but to me he looks like Nathan Explosion!! From Metalocalypse, you know! Green eyes and everything.
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bramveijk's avatar
bramveijk|Hobbyist Artist
very cool! He looks like Uchiha Madara to me:P
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aeronox's avatar
I'm doing creative writing at university at the moment, and my latest assignment is to take a picture of a person, ask questions about the person, and then write a short short story inspired by it.

I've chosen your's, because it is such a chiselled expression; it shows anger on the surface, and a history buried beneath.

I will let you read it when I'm done.

It's great that one form of art can inspire another. Fantastic work here, and I admire your ability to tell a story with images.
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BrenGun's avatar
great piece!!!!!!!!
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YoungMathias's avatar
YoungMathias|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm in love with your artwork. I hope my style evolves into something like yours. :)
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aeon-of-sorrow's avatar
nice! this is so ripe with texture and theway in which you've applied the colours feels so very meaty indeed. there's also something uniform direction to the colours which gives a great sense of motion to the image and really helps to lift the strands of hair floating int the breeze. it really contradicts the hard, firm glower on the man's face which is totally arresting. the green eyes really glare out from their dark surroundings- indeed, the vivid, bright splash of colour is so full of energy, something that the lightning-bolt patterns in the iris only amplify.
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Psycho-Gaze's avatar
Psycho-Gaze|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good work! The red hair really brings out the green of his eyes!
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theory6-brian's avatar
theory6-brian|Professional Digital Artist
nice work
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supermaxpower's avatar
supermaxpower|Student Filmographer
very dark and deep (not nespresso ) what else?
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kala-k's avatar
kala-k|Student Digital Artist
Awesome expression *o*
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Pinocchio-Liez's avatar
Oh my. He's not very happy at all, is he?
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aniphx's avatar
aniphx|Student Interface Designer
I like how there's only two instances of deep color, one in the hair and the other being the eyes. It's just an overall good color set.
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Kattoo's avatar
Kattoo|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can just hear him saying, "I'm gonna eat your lunch." :fear:
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Artistic-Defiance's avatar
It is an angry face. =w=.... Pretty kitty. -pet pet- Mrow. ♥
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patricktoifl's avatar
patricktoifl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing! Love the hard shading!
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TheMoonman's avatar
Wow. This may be just an angry face to you, but to me, it's WORLDS more.

Awesome job.

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m0wdamn's avatar
great work!
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BlackHawkRising's avatar
BlackHawkRising|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That looks a lot like the guy in the game ';Prince of Persia' cool
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