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Mona Lyra

It's day 11 of the NATG3 and todays topic was "Draw a pony at a museum/Draw a pony's masterpiece", I went for the latter.
I didn't know Ditzy was an artist!?

Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves, Rainbow Dash & Lyra Heartstrings © Hasbro
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RainbowDashieMLPFan's avatar
that's not a painting its a small room with a stool and a small fake scenery behind it and Lyra is sitting on the stool wearing and in that pose cause i see the shadows
E-guardias's avatar
It needs to have hands, then Lyra would really be happy.
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
you're quite the artist derpy :D
Mio94's avatar
What a great masterpiece Derpy.
matej255's avatar
Derpy Da Vinci :3
DragonKingAlpha's avatar
Flash Fire: Awesome job Derpy. Dragonking17: And awesome job to you Tobibrocki!
ILoveKimPossibleAlot's avatar
Hope you don't mind if I use this! 
dancinninjac's avatar
She's the greatest artist ever!
Kyoshyu's avatar
That Mona Lyra...

Though this means Derpy will be designing fortresses, cannons, war machines, sculpts, more paintings, lots of notes on anatomy and frilly dresses for masquerade balls.
sevoohypred's avatar
Great to see you continue with these two, they really do make a great pair. I like the way you don't even need dialogue as the expression speak for themselves. 
MegaPatron's avatar
hehehe! silly derp c:
HardCyder's avatar
It's as if Lyra's smiling because she know's a secret ...

I have to say you did an unbelievable job on that smile. 
BADASSassin's avatar
I'd have called it the Mona Lyra. Anyway, great work!
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