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The Story behind this one is a little wacky, but basicly this is the boxart of a "game" that you cannot really call a game (create a flat ground layer, place animals, vehicles and houses on it, arrange them to your liking and make a screenshot, that's it), I saw it on Amazon and found the boxart hilarious. A friend of mine suggested that I put Applejack in it and, well, here it is.
I took the liberty and translated the whole box from german to english and while I was at it also further "enhanced" the edit.

A slightly modified version of Mustache Attack Applejack by Triox404
The rest I'm affraid I can't really say much about or trace it back, it came all from Google and partially also from screenshots, I made this edit several months ago and only did a few minor tweaks in addition to the english translation today.

That's all, hope you guys like it! :3

Applejack © Hasbro
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