Beyond the Frontier 1 - Unknown Moons

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Beyond the Frontier 1

Some of you might know the science-fiction game X. It has been the source of inspiration for the title of the upcoming series of contests. This series is to motivate you, the artists, to try new things, to fight with your abilities and to learn things by giving your best. In the end, winning something shouldn't be the important part of the whole procedure, but creating new art and maybe reaching new dimensions concerning your personal skills. Which is much more worth than any prize you can get. But don't worry, there are still many awesome prizes to get! ;)

Beyond the frontier is a series of space and science-fiction art contests. So your entries should fit to this genre from the very first sight. For inspiration and some impressions of what we are talking about, please regard the following galleries as some very nice examples: Science Fiction and Space Art

:diny: Unkown Moons :diny:

The topic of our first contest is Unkown Moons. The moon is the closest neighbour we have in space. It is pretty familiar to us and nothing special when we look to the sky during starry nights. But what about other moons? Caught asteroids like Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos or giants like Jupiter's Ganymede.

And these are only examples of our solar system. There are billions of possibilities out there in the universe. Show us the impossible! Show us something new!! Show us unkown moons!!!

:alien: Rules :alien:

:bulletred: Timeframe: 2 months | Starting: September 1st | Ending: October 31st, 11:59 PM PST
:bulletred: How to participate: If your (newly created) image fits to the topic and genre, please upload it to the following contest-gallery: Contests->2009->Beyond the Frontier->Unkown Moons within the timeframe. All mediums are allowed. If you use any stock, you have to credit your sources. To make it short: it has to meet dA's rules :thumbsup:
:bulletred: Judges: gucken and TobiasRoetsch

:eager: Prizes :eager:

Some awesome prizes are waiting for you!!!
:bulletgreen: 1st: deviousARTIST by deviantWEAR
T-Shirt from the dA-Store, 1 year premium membership, news article feature
:bulletyellow: 2nd: dA Lanyard by deviantWEAR
Lanyard from the dA-Store, 6 months premium membership, news article feature
:bulletred: 3rd: dA Buttons by deviantWEAR
Buttons from the dA-Store, 3 months premium membership, news article feature

Let's go and make some art!!!

© 2009 - 2021 TobiasRoetsch
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Is there like a tutorial or some form of help for extra deviated individuals? i can't figure out how to delete unintentional selected image. help would be appreciated......................sleeplessinsubterrainia
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Where results?
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they are deciding on it :) it will take some time :nod:
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My one and only entry: [link]
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Added my newest pic: "alone...." :) hope youll enjoy it
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Does it have to be unknown? What about a moon that all civilizations that knew about it had been destroyed and is now forgotten?
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I've never entered a competition because I never felt ready but I think I may put something in for this.
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How many entries per deviant?
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as many as you want :nod:
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Thanks. Good to know that there's no limit.
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I want to do this...but I don't have any ideas ):
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Already started.. beware
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i already made one. making a second one :D
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nice contest tobi and gucken ;)
nice prices ;)

ill take part ;D
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Look how sexy that banner is!
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Count me in! Im working on an entry this minute. :)
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