Best of Science Fiction Art of the Month

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Best of Science Fiction Art of the Month

For about one year now we are selecting the most powerful and unique pictures of dAs science fiction community for our monthly feature.
Nearly 500 pictures have been featured so far and it did not matter if it was a pencil sketch or a high-end painting.

Every month an other artist got the chance of being featured as our artist of the month. This Best Of article presents you all the featured artists and their pictures.

We really thank you for your continuing support and interest in our selections and we hope that all featured pictures got some more attention and feedback.

Enjoy the first year at a glance!

Best regards
TobiasRoetsch & gucken


- Volume 1 -
Artist of the month: Grimdar

The Awakening by Grimdar Morningtide Serenity by Grimdar Messiah Valley by Grimdar Ferrod's Interception by Grimdar

- Volume 2 -
Artist of the month: GabrielGajdos

Tenebrae by GabrielGajdos Specula by GabrielGajdos Cor by GabrielGajdos Dreaming by GabrielGajdos

- Volume 3 -
Artist of the month: DKF

VASTNESS by DKF Exotika by DKF STARBIRTH by DKF New Beginning by DKF

- Volume 4 -
Artist of the month: Akajork

:thumb62275297: Caelestis Nobis by Akajork Land Of Dogs by Akajork Epsilon Lyrae by Akajork

- Volume 5 -
Artist of the month Gate-To-Nowhere

Looking Towards Home by Gate-To-Nowhere Sailing The Desert by Gate-To-Nowhere The Bridge by Gate-To-Nowhere Cold Fire by Gate-To-Nowhere

- Volume 6 -
Artist of the month JoeyJazz

Arrival by JoeyJazz Just Space by JoeyJazz Crescent by JoeyJazz Entropia by JoeyJazz

- Volume 7 -
Artist of the month Pr3t3nd3r

Cradle by Pr3t3nd3r Jellyfish by Pr3t3nd3r Light Up the Sky by Pr3t3nd3r Dreams of Eternity by Pr3t3nd3r

- Volume 8 -
Artist of the month Nameless-Designer

FISSURE by Nameless-Designer Exotika II by Nameless-Designer Pillars of Loki by Nameless-Designer Moons by Nameless-Designer

- Volume 9 -
Artist of the month OmeN2501

Mature Content

Apocalypse Please by OmeN2501
Hostile Takeover by OmeN2501 Hide and Seek by OmeN2501 Snatch by OmeN2501

- Volume 10 -
Artist of the month AndreeWallin

Alien landscape by AndreeWallin Metropolis Part 1 by AndreeWallin Kaboooom by AndreeWallin Duel by AndreeWallin

- Volume 11 -
Artist of the month leventep

:thumb41960932: :thumb62295493: :thumb85847533: tower post 2 by leventep

- Volume 12 -
Artist of the month edlo

2907 by edlo ORBITALS by edlo 2170 by edlo Moon RAGE by edlo
© 2008 - 2021 TobiasRoetsch
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intrinsic21's avatar
Wow! Loved this collection, great article.
slic3rx's avatar
Fantastic... I was I was half as talented as some of these people...
tigaer's avatar
edlo's avatar
Aint that sexy :P
tigaer's avatar
congrats buddy :)
edlo's avatar
synax444's avatar
Awesome selections.
Clone-Artist's avatar
Me :heart: SF!

Beautifull stuff! :)
Gate-To-Nowhere's avatar
Great collection to browse through :) And thanks again for the artist of the month feature :)
rover3500's avatar
Very nice selection![link]
WolfMoon85's avatar
Reminds me of Final Fantasy and I especially love the one with the dragon over water. Such wonderful pictures and great artists!
Vypor's avatar
-DeviantART alert: *Vypor has just gone on a faving spree-
NightmaresMadeFlesh1's avatar
Beautiful selections, but I'd love to see some lesser known artists here.
darkKiell's avatar
very cool``~...
berserkbil's avatar
I liked it. I looked all. good job.
Peetie's avatar
An awesome portfolio of the amazing talent found here on DA!
sugar-nacchy's avatar
woooow!! *astonished*
AdvancedCartman's avatar
outstanding selection!
Chromattix's avatar
Lol, I already kne wof all of them, and watch most too! :XD: having this yearly Finale with the featured artists from each month was a great idea, do it again next time around too :D

I have many sci-fi concepts myself that I keep putting off, more than just space-art alone too, maybe I'll get on those in the new year :alientwo:
strangely1's avatar
real amazing stuff here!!
TheHarlequinsMask's avatar
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