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My part of theluminariums exhibition called "Energy". You can check out the other awesome entries here:…

A different attempt this time for a close up planet. I kinda like the result. The picture is available as dual screen wallpaper for widescreen resolution (if you have another setup, just crop it to your liking).


Victim of Gravity by taenaron
Prodigium by taenaron
Parts of Infinity by taenaron
any direction by taenaron


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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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First and foremost my eye was struck when I saw the thumbnail on your gallery. When I clicked on it I was very impressed at the amount of detail you placed on the close up habitable moon (blue world on my right). I zoomed up and it still looked incredibly detailed. The shortening and perspective of the close up moon was done incredibly well to the point it almost seems as you journeyed hundreds of light years to take the picture.

Standing back I noticed even more about your picture, I spot a volcano on my top right, there appears to be geological activity on this moon, and a gas giant in the distant partly eclipsing it's sun and a couple astronauts standing on an orbiting asteroid. And as a backdrop I see reddish nebulaes. Usually when I see people try to add all these concepts into one piece they do not really go well together, but you however have tied all these concepts so well together that they basically compliment each other.

Excellent choice of colors, orange-red and blue definitely compliments each other, and the grayish asteroid compliments both the background tones and the blue world.

This is one of my favorite pieces in all of DA, great concept and powerful aesthetic beauty.
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

The world seems like such a vast and encompassing place to us all sometimes. Our perceptions are immediately skewed away like leaves upon the wind whenever we gaze upon its boundless blues and greens all beneath the indigo blue veil of its atmosphere. Whenever we stand upon a mountain peak or look from the shores, its landscapes seem to spread far beyond what we can see, as if it could go on forever...beyond what we would imagine or even comprehend. However this perceptive element are immediately skewed whenever we venture to new places on our planet, we feel as though we may have stumbled into something out of this world or as if it were something out of the ordinary and had the potential of being from another realm. The amazement of the variety upon this planet further solidifies the thoughts we have about our planet feeling larger than we imagine. However, once we leave the atmospheric windows of our world and immediately enter the boundless regions of space, out planet doesn't seem so very encompassing anymore. Like us, the earth simply sits at its fixed position, rotating around the sun as if it were simply a weary traveler looking about for something to take in around it. The universe spread around it like a ebony blanket of celestial mist and glistening stars and unknown worlds. Once our world is viewed from another, it truly does not seem to be the immensely vast celestial mass it once seemed whenever we are on its surface. Rather it now looks that much more insignificant to the vastness of the universe, much like all of us...and many of us feel that we would not want it any other way. Tranquility, created by the skilled space-artist `taenaron, presents us with another celestial viewpoint of earth that we have never imagined we would be able to experience.

As I gaze upon this piece, I am immediately taken aback by all that is shown before.The detail placed into much of the area is simply amazing, showing off every single crease, bump and crack into the landscape itself as well as the surface of the planet. The habitation of the earth is outstanding as each and every atmospheric cloud and mist accumulation is perfectly emulated upon this piece and give a near perfect simulation of the atmospheric habitation of the earth. One can almost imagine seeing each and every planet floating over the earth, watching as they slowly contort and reform about the planet as they fly silently above the earth as they gaze upon their astral viewpoint in absolute silence, taking in each and every glorious moment of this beautiful sight before you. The subtly brushed clouds of the distant nebula clouds really brings all of the compositional elements together and well as further showing off the subtle calm of space as well as the artist's personality in the piece. Even the stars are placed well and aren't overbearing in the background appearance of the piece, making the scene feel better attached to all of its corresponding elements.

However as beautiful as the piece looks, I feel as though there are a few places that should be tweaked or improved a bit. For one thing, in the bottom right corner, I feel that small patch on land in the foreground should be blurred slightly, which would give the piece a bit more depth as it does seem to look a bit flat at the moment. I also noticed near the dark side of the earth has a bit of pixelation around just when the shadow begins to encompass the side. Try and see if your cloud blur the side of the planet as it really distracts from the overall quality of the piece.

Space has and always will be a beautiful sight to see, from whatever viewpoint one might be enjoying it from. The worlds seems so boundless as they float around the universe with each and every one of them filled with countless secrets within their atmospheric plains. However, with each and every time we leave our world in search of newer celestial plains to investigate, we sometimes forget the beauty that our own planet holds before us and how well it stands out whenever we look upon it. How strange how we forget things such as this under the prospect of finding something newer and more mysterious that what we already know. Tranquility is a sound reminder of how much we under appreciate our world's natural beauty and how much more it matters toward us. With a beautiful level of atmospheric detail as well as well as an outstanding use of placement of its compositional elements, this piece is an excellent display of cosmic art skill and design. Excellent work Tobias, and here's to many more pieces from you. <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>
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Once again, thank you so much for your well written critique :-)

I also noticed near the dark side of the earth has a bit of pixelation around just when the shadow begins to encompass the side. Try and see if your cloud blur the side of the planet as it really distracts from the overall quality of the piece.
That's dust that was intentionally placed there (as well as everywhere else in the foreground) I don't like super clean images. These elements help to give a more natural look ;)
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You're very welcome.

Oh, if the dust was your intention, then I completely understand.
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My most favorite piece of all time. Still will love it in 2020

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I can literally feel the size and vastness of space looking at this. Truly impressive!
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I cannot critique a work that I myself cannot create.

However, in my eyes, this is an absolutely astonishing piece of work, and I am simply floored by your talent. My hat is off to you.
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i couldn't agree more with that statement...
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Too awesome for words. So many things I really like in this picture :) :)
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One of my favs!!!!
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What a great work of art! The use of scale and colours makes this a stand-out piece...
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superb, only the real thing would beat it.  They should find a suitable building somewhere, university, museum, spaceflight facilty, etc.  Put a fifty metre long copy on the wall in a good spot, dining room, library, foyer, etc.  Somewhere where people can sit drink coffee and be inspired to dream.

Followed link on io9 story to find this.…
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
yeah that would be pretty nice ;)

thanks a lot!
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Wow! This view would be every space fanboy's dream. To stand there on the moon and see the earth like that would be breathtaking. (Admittedly, our home looks much smaller from the moon but still :D)
The red nebulous cloud in the background looks beautiful and fitting. The texture of the moon surface and the earth with all the swirling clouds in the atmosphere just look so real. The whole scenery has a sense of grandeur.
I love that you added astronauts on the moon and a bursting volcano on earth. It really brings depth to the scene. The astronauts and the volcano look about the same size and yet our awareness of the power of the volcano puts a lot of things in context.
Finally, I would say that... I want to be there. This scene makes me want to be be there in that very spot and view the world and the cosmos in all its glory.
Great work! :)
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hehe thanks a lot :) would be could to have such a sight for real one day :)
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You made this?! This has been my absolute favorite picture in existence, ever since I found it on Google Images a year ago. This is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen, and it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.
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hehe I'm glad you like it that much :) yes I'm the one who made it! You should think about getting a print maybe :)
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Using this for my dual monitor. It's a complete materpiece :iconamazingplz:
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Belle image! Beau travail ! Félicitations ! Une suite qui a du sens et qui donne une profondeur et de la beauté à notre belle planète ! Bravo !
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