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The Rise of a Planet

Update 10-06-2012: As this deviation is about to reach its 6000th fav, a little tribute is coming along for you! Stay tuned!

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The Rise of a Planet

Finally a real description for this picture. It started with a photo that I made on my first trip with my cam. But soon I recognized that this photo doesn't fit in right. And instead of deleting it, I created a new, a black, layer. And then just playing arround with with photoshop. The clouds are really confusing and a mixture of many cloudphotos and some brushwork.
I know that this pic lacks of quality but it's one of my first space pics every and it's my most famous one. During the last month I've been trying to improve this deviation. Without success. I think it's like a ban.

I'm happy that so many people around the world anyway like this picture and I want to thank you a lot for your attention and feedback.

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The Rise of a Planet II by TobiasRoetsch

I'm the creator. If you want to use this image, you have to note or email me. This is not a stock-image.


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DVDwr's avatar
So I finaly found the original ?
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
if you are looking for the original of "The Rise of a Planet".... then you found it ;)
DVDwr's avatar
I have quite a few of your works as my desktop background. You're doing awesome work :)
TolryntheMage's avatar
MarvinDiehl's avatar
The best wallpaper in the world! =)
valhalley's avatar
Oh my!!!!..It looks real..What an art so amazing,.Now I appreciate how  Photoshop works.
timsuperhero's avatar
I think this is the most stolen piece of art in our time haha
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
well at least out of my images it's the one that has been stolen the most
J0W3x's avatar
Amazing! <3
J0W3x's avatar
NathanaelEveangel's avatar
You are a  ROCKSTAR Music Emote 
Cooooooooool :0
Great wallpaper, incredible contrast.  Nice depth.
EmberEyeWolf's avatar
I love this! Could I use this as my PC background? If not I don't mind, I understand why X3 
TobiasRoetsch's avatar
well it's supposed to be used as background for your personal pc :)
Atelinetis's avatar
Hey I encountered your work as a book cover , did they take a permission from you to use it ?……
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