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Shadows of Elysium


Shadows of Elysium

:bulletblack: I proudly present my latest wallpaper. The story: You are in the captain's office right after a larger fight. The ship was heavily damaged but the homefleet was successful. At the moment you are on the search for the rest of the escaped aggressors. The captain starts to have doubts about his mission, his job and his life...


:bulletred: Ok I tried new things in this pic and I'm pretty happy with it's outcome. I ever wanted to creat a flight-scene with larger ships. To avoid confusion: the thing on the right side is an extraterrestrial transmitter. I thougt it's nice to implement new elements to the common stuff. It basically is a mattepainting, textures were taken from There'll be only one resolution this time (via download). It's a larger wide-screen so you shouldn't have problems by sizing it down (or adding borders for your personal scree-size).

I appreciate every comment, fav and email, as always :thighthug:
Thanks to ~LordDaroth for the title :)
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151 three word comment <img src="…" width="19" height="19" alt=":la:" title="La la la la" />

Wobei ich bei der Länge ne critique draus mache <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" title=":P (Lick)" />

1) Also ich finde es sehr gut gelungen, allerdings muss ich pebcak im Bezug auf die Risse recht geben, dies betrifft für mich aber eher die Brüche link und rechts in den Ecken (oben). Die passen schon eher zu einer kleineren Scheibe (Erkennbar am Riss diagonal durch die Glasfläche. d.h. nicht senkrecht und dünn wie bei den meisten anderen Rissen).

2) Außerdem finde ich, dass der Schatten des Objektes rechts (ist das ein Stein oder Skulptur? hat Sturman ja auch schon gefragt <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" title=":P (Lick)" />) nicht zum Winkel des Schattens des Commanders/Captains und zum Lichtverlauf passt.

3) Der Umhang des Captains und die Sichtbare Seite der Skulptur sind bei einem so starken Gegenlichteinfall und nahezu keiner entgegengerichteten Lichtquelle zu hell. Da müsste bei dem Licht einiges weniger zu erkennen sein.

4) Wie schon von Sturman gesagt, sieht der view screen leicht komisch aus. Für mich ist jetzt nicht klar erkennbar, ob das einen 3-dimensionalen, tiefen Rahmen oder nur einen Rahmen, der an der Seite ist darstellt.

Im Großen und Ganzen bin ich aber sehr beeindruckt und fasziniert von dem Bild. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)" />
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Okay aber ich persönlich finde, dass der Schatten etwas mehr nach rechts verlaufen müsste. Naja trotzdem ein sehr cooles Bild, hab mich schon fast nicht getraut ne Kritik zu schreiben, da du das ja im Gegensatz zu mir berherrschst :P

Kannst dir ja auch überlegen ne Kritik zu nem Bild von mir zu schreiben, wobei ich glaube, dass das bei Fotos nicht so einfach ist. (Voraussetzung wäre natürlich, dass du Lust und Zeit findest.)
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Das Objekt rechts leuchtet aus sich selbst heraus und reflektiert zusätzlich die Wände ringsherum. Ansonsten müsste der Schatten an der Decke stimmen ;)

Danke dir für deine Kritik :)
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now that does not look too bad here. you're almost able to create yourself a background story by just looking at the scene.

the cuts in the glass are a bit distracting though. somehow it looks like the cuts are not exactly reacting to the light from the scene. maybe some more painting extensions here and there to get the most out of these cuts in the glass to get a bit more integration. i'm also referring to the fact that this window's glass should be very thick (it's space and vacuum out there)... and the cuts look a bit flat.

for me, right now, the cuts are a bit too dominant too. the rough contrast they create feel like it tears the pic apart a bit. but that's just my sight of things.

all the other parts, atmosphere, lighting... really nice. good stuff.
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I think this would make a fantastic background for any space MMO.

Just look at it!!
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thanks a lot for your thoughts ;) maybe I'm going to touch the pic again someday, but I'm done with it for now ;) I think you know what I mean
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I love it. However, there are only three things that stand out to me on this piece.

One-The captain's shadow. It seems out of proportion/perspective to me. I feel as though it should be larger and/or more spread out.

Two- The melted metal--or maybe it's a sculpture, I don't know. Regardless, it doesn't look right. It doesn't blend at all. Also, a weapon hit that close to the Captain's office so that a bulkhead would melt into his office, there would most likely be a breach there, and then no more Captain. If it's a sculpture, discard what I said about the logical part of it being there, and instead focus on its blending, namely where it meets the ceiling. I can see an edge, and do not think it blends well at all. There would most likely be a plaque, would there not?

Three- The View Screen. It's a nice touch, but I don't think it's at an angle that adds depth to the piece at all. If you had angled it, perhaps, it would have been much more striking and made the piece pop more.

My critique aside, it's a wonderful piece.
Looks awesome :)
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One of my top favorites on my desktop. I always have to smile when this one shows up. Brilliant, with the cracks in the window etc.
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This is why you don't use force push on a spaceship's window.
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It is really amazing how you can create such a rich and detailed story from such a simple image. And then you do it again and again with each new work. wonderful.
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I hope you continue with these and make a sort of story from amazing photo's. Really thought about and some amazing detail.
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Captain seems to have a lot of issues for this mission. I think he has more on his mind then just the mission at hand.
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shadows everyone~
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awsm wallpaper super likeeee[link]
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I think I will stay a while and bask in the glory of how awesome you are. Only thing I noticed is how it looks like he's reaching to place his hands instead of leaning on them. The fingers almost look curved.
Other than that I am in awe of you abilities.
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Veery nice!! :+fav:
Your artwork looks absolutely realistic and i really feel the doubt of the captain. very well expressed.
Allso nice detail on the glass/holo-sceen and the transmitter. Your vision of a space-fleet containing larger ships worked out nicely ^^ :)
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that is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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