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About the pic

I ever wanted to do such a pic. And finally I'm pretty happy. I know there are still some things that seem to be kinda off but I don't care because the whole image is (in my opinion) in harmony. The most time I spent on the galaxy that is about to be destroyed by a giant black hole. Some last Star-Destroyer are on the run. Unfortunately this epic scene takes place behind the planet, so you won't see it :( I'm really sorry but I had to pay some attention to realism, and a planet isn't transparent. :giggle:



:bulletred: Thanks a lot to the guys of the #SpaceArt channel for suggestions. You guys rock!!
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When I first saw this, I was absolutely blown away. The sheer scale of this artwork is epic.

The amount of effort and detail you've put into things such as the land mass on the planet, and the lights of distant cities gives the impression of an actual picture taken out in space from a satelite.

A really neat touch is the way in which everything in the picture appears to be directing the viewer towards the right hand side of the picture. This most likely has something to do with the star glaring in the distance.

I will say one thing, though. Perhaps the texture of the asteroids in the distance could have been made to look a little rougher.

This wouldn't look out of place on a wraparound cover for a sci-fi novel.
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Thanks a lot for your critique :)
And I'm really glad you like it!
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super work, it#s very fine:) (Smile)
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Well, art AND games that is.
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Only in art could space travel be so tangible.
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Belle image! Beau travail ! Félicitations !Avec originalité et talent !
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Amazing Work!
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Fantastic For Gaming Layout :D
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This is incredible.....would you mind if I used this for the album cover for some music i'm making?
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thank you :) if you pay me for the usage, sure ;)
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i used to love outer space as i was about five to about the age of...eight/nine.

now and again i look to the skies, but universe can be seen once i have a pencil in my hand and paper in front of me...:)
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i tried to do a space scene.

it was an epic fail...
This is awesome. Do you mind if I use this as part of my website if I credit you for it and link to this page?

Cheers :)
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Hmm you actually have to pay for usage ;)

thanks for he kind words :)
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That's awesome man!
The level of details is epic!

what program did you use??
Do you do this on the computer? or do you paint? or draw?
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Stunningly peaceful and serene! :#1:
Just amazing ! So creative & beautiful. You'r near to your masterpiece }O_o{
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