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:bulletred: All wallpapers also are available at! :bulletred:

Prodigium is my first entry for Luminarium's latest exhibition named Genesis. What does Genesis mean? An origin, creation, or beginning. The act of producing or causing to exist | A genius creation.

My first thought was, to creat again a dual-screen wallpaper. I made a poll and it was very clear that you guys wanted one again. I really enjoyed working on the pic and it took me a lot of time to finish it. The concept and composition changed several times (most helpful advise came from ^gucken. Thanks again! The scene should be very clear. If not, please tell me what you see there.

Please note

There are really large sizes available this time. You only are allowed to use it as your personal desktop-background. Prints and commercial use only on request (and paid). If you run a wallpaper-page and want to include this wallpaper, ask me. You're not allowed to add it to your page without permission this time due to the file-resolution.

There'll be no excuse for theft and I'll use every help I can find (little hint: lawyer)! Thanks for your understanding!!!


:bulletred: 2048x768
:bulletred: 2560x1024
:bulletred: 2880x900
:bulletred: 3360x1050
:bulletred: 3840x1200
:bulletred: 5120x1600
:bulletred: + three individual widescreen-sizes of both parts of the wallpaper for different monitor settings


© 2009 - 2021 TobiasRoetsch
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

That is really, really amazing. The first thing I think when I look to this awesome art is: this is really epic. And when I scrolled down and saw some comments, I really think more peoples agree with me.
Really, these two focal points that you used is off the same central or left/right stuff that we see all the time, and it fit just right as an dual screen wallpaper.

Technically, your work is really uncritiqueable and I just can say I'm really amazed with these and the others space arts on your gallery.
I'm tired of the same thing, principally on digital art stuff, and when you see something really well done as this piece you cannot just ignore.

Space art is a kind of art that's really hard to do, and you do it great. Keep up these good work.
I cannot avoid to give 5 stars for this awesome work.
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Thank you so much :)
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

Another sturdy and impressive piece, Tobi, particularly impressive in this piece is the sheer scale of scenery and the striking elements therein – the great plasmic stream of some sort exploding outwards and to which the scenery provides a backdrop of interaction, and also acts as a spatial setting for the whole piece, and not just the plasmic stream. This is exemplified by the choice of elements which make up the scene – the massive gas planet, the asteroids of all various sizes and distances (which, I add, was most effective with the foreground addition), the stellar tapestry of well varied stars, the nebulae of manifold scales, and, finally, even spaceships! All of this is executed quite well, too: the textures, details, sense of light and colour, are all splendid, I especially like how the light shines off of the gas planet (or thickly atmospheric planet?), and even how it shines in the corner just below it, acting as a filter against the stars. Similarly the nebulous draft from the explosion carries with it some excellent detail and form, acting as a nebulae backdrop for the stars as it unwinds, and the way in which it interacts with that asteroid nearest to the explosion’s origin (as it seems to be) is wonderful, presenting a great sense of motion. At last I remark here, that the stars are beautifully minimalist yet retaining a great sense of variation and tone, with a fairly uniform distribution which nevertheless works splendidly through the variable function the nebulae has upon its appearance.

Furthermore, this is a good example of a dual focus composition, which works really well because of the piece’s expansive scope, and the typography is well implemented too, as that corner by the asteroid (or broken moon?) seems to be perfectly fitted to it. Even so, there are some things which could be worked on further, as always, and which themselves don’t take away from the quality of the piece, but only suggest improvement by the absence of their full refinement. Some of the lighting is spectacular, such as in the case of that small planet near the explosion, but there is some inconsistency in the asteroids reflectivity, despite their appearance suggesting similar compositions and hence reflectivity – the asteroids nearest to the explosion, for instance, feature very stark tones, but this gives them a slightly flat look without casting any shadows elsewhere than themselves. Similarly to the middle and right, there are some asteroids only reflecting to the side of the left and their unseen side – but not to the right, which seems to be an obvious source of reflection for them. The ships are interesting – if they do have an anti-reflective material, they still seem to reflect on their front – I wonder if adding some more obvious glare from them at key angles would exemplify depth further? This isn’t particularly necessary, as they do look fine and make sense enough as they are, but could be a nice addition. At last, the foreground asteroid seems to have a decidedly different lighting from the rest of the piece – it seems to be lit from the spaceship to some extent and also the burst of light above, but without taking on the same tones, nor really reflecting much on each of its individual surfaces (rocky deformations in terrain and the like). Perhaps a bit more reflection of the tones of the light source here on the edges of the terrain’s deformations would work really well here? Otherwise, it does look a little more flat than it could be.

Concerning the originality of this piece, it is fairly so, especially with the addition of that enigmatic stream of plasma, but otherwise the elements are fairly typical of space art (i.e. asteroids, planets, spaceships), not that this is at all a bad thing, and I wouldn’t really change it, as anything more may overpower the uniqueness of the original element in this piece. By vision, you’ve done an excellent job here – as said before, everything fits really well, is fairly striking, and the fact that the original element here is exemplified by otherwise standard objects is proof of your vision, especially as it all interacts so fluidly with the rest of the scene. Impact and technique, as I’ve said, are both excellent on the most part, and your style is strongly shown in both. Though I criticised mostly your use of light in certain places, that is truly a minor issue when considering that overall, your technique is well honed. The impact is had by the striking elements of the scenery, but still suffers slightly from a sense of being digital, which may be inevitable, but could be worked out by using some more “natural” (perhaps some as encountered in traditional painting?) tones in places, but isn’t really a particular issue with your work. I will conclude, then, that Prodigium is another well done piece which you can be satisfied with, Tobi, as in all respects it is quite well done and fairly striking, and that with a little further focus on the nuances of lighting and tonal details, you could possibly exemplify the quality of your work even further – such simple details, when having accomplished the bulk of your work’s quality, can sum up to create something extraordinary and exceptional, and which is plainly within your grasp. Well done Tobi, I am certainly looking forward to your future works.
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It looks like I'm an ignorant bastard who not appreciates critique when I'm not replying to your comment. Thanks a lot Kyle for the constructive and well thought critique here. As already told in msn, I really appreciate it!
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Haha, I understand Tobi -- you're quite welcome. And indeed you did!
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Impressive, most impressive.  Love all the little details here.
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Two thumbs up! Your work is impressive...
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Anytime keep up that good work its awseme .
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Best multi-screen wallpaper ever!

Is that the Pride of Hiigara in the distance?
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You are so pro! Put it up here :) [link]
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Bravo man. Nice work.
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Wow, that is just bloody amazing! I love the way you managed with so many light sources.
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This is really gorgeous, and I'll have to take the time and take a look at all your artwork later. :)

But first: I am more or less desperately looking for an image to use as a header for my friend's blog. (Desperately because ideally there'd be both fantasy and sci-fi elements in it.) I was wondering if you'd allow me to use this image, with credit of course.
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Absolutely stunning!
This is amazing
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It's so beautiful! :iconhappytearsplz:
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