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:bulletred: All wallpapers also are available at! :bulletred:

Prodigium is my first entry for Luminarium's latest exhibition named Genesis. What does Genesis mean? An origin, creation, or beginning. The act of producing or causing to exist | A genius creation.

My first thought was, to creat again a dual-screen wallpaper. I made a poll and it was very clear that you guys wanted one again. I really enjoyed working on the pic and it took me a lot of time to finish it. The concept and composition changed several times (most helpful advise came from ^gucken. Thanks again! The scene should be very clear. If not, please tell me what you see there.

Please note

There are really large sizes available this time. You only are allowed to use it as your personal desktop-background. Prints and commercial use only on request (and paid). If you run a wallpaper-page and want to include this wallpaper, ask me. You're not allowed to add it to your page without permission this time due to the file-resolution.

There'll be no excuse for theft and I'll use every help I can find (little hint: lawyer)! Thanks for your understanding!!!


:bulletred: 2048x768
:bulletred: 2560x1024
:bulletred: 2880x900
:bulletred: 3360x1050
:bulletred: 3840x1200
:bulletred: 5120x1600
:bulletred: + three individual widescreen-sizes of both parts of the wallpaper for different monitor settings


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That is really, really amazing. The first thing I think when I look to this awesome art is: this is really epic. And when I scrolled down and saw some comments, I really think more peoples agree with me.
Really, these two focal points that you used is off the same central or left/right stuff that we see all the time, and it fit just right as an dual screen wallpaper.

Technically, your work is really uncritiqueable and I just can say I'm really amazed with these and the others space arts on your gallery.
I'm tired of the same thing, principally on digital art stuff, and when you see something really well done as this piece you cannot just ignore.

Space art is a kind of art that's really hard to do, and you do it great. Keep up these good work.
I cannot avoid to give 5 stars for this awesome work.